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Let the games begin:

There will be a deadline. It will be announced shortly

  1. Advertising is NOT the only department limiting the amount of work that can be entered, even for Seniors
  2. Work created before April 2009 is not admissible, UNLESS you have added new components onto a campaign, then that would be admissible (just like years past)
  3. AGAIN, please feel free to come show Roland your work (WHEN IT’s READY) Wednesdays, 12-2pm, and he will gladly give you feed back.
  4. Work that was in the Winter Show will be automatically entered for the judging (like years past)
  5. Work created during the Fall semester would be admissible as your TWO entries. Pick wisely.
  8. Your instructors DO NOT submit your work,YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. They nominate you, you submit.


This year, we are shaking things up. New directors, new spaces and a NEW SPRING SHOW SUBMISSION PROCESS.

Who better to pick the best work than those in the trenches week after week with our students? That’s right, this year we are asking your instructors pick the best pieces of student work they feel should absolutely be in contention for the Spring Show. We’re not going to dictate how many campaigns they can select, but I promise only the BEST of the best will be sent for judging… and only THE BEST of that work will be on display.

The work should make people stop and stare. It should make people in our industry say “WOW”. It should make people not in our industry say “WOW”.

This year we’re going BIG and ultimately winning work will be displayed on GIANT posters; both at the Party on May 20th at the Bently Reserve and at the AAU Spring Show.

We realize some may have an issue with this new process, but not to fret, if anyone has an issue, they are more than welcome to come show their work to Roland directly for a chance to enter. (Wednesday, 12-2pm) We will also hold a small open call for entries in which you can enter only TWO campaigns you feel should be in contention, whether produced in a class or not. (Details: Please print to size. Unmounted. Drop off or send to School of Advertising, 60 Federal St 5th Floor, San Francisco, 94107. Deadline to submit is April 26th)

If you have any questions or comments, please do not contact Dana.

Email and all correspondence will be addressed in an FAQ section here on at

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