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Copy & Coffee

A handful of copywriters started meeting weekly this summer over breakfast. The goal was simply getting together as writers, talking about whatever caught our interest, sharing ideas and tips.
As students, you all know the faculty but you don’t know each other. Some are grad students. Others undergrad. Some almost finished. Others still in the first half of the program.
It seems silly that you could be in the elevator together and not realize what you have in common. How one person’s experience could help another. And so on.
The casual get together format seems to work so we’re ready to make it semi-official and open it to any writer who wants to show up. Order your coffee (and/or food) then join us at a table.
8:30-ish to 9:30 (yes, morning)
La Boulange
222 Sutter St, near Kearny

Don’t Be Afraid, Get Paid

Freelancing happens.

It starts off innocently enough. Friends-of-a-friend ask you to make a website for their new business, a flyer for their upcoming show, to take pictures at their party, or head-shots for their future acting career. Sure, why not? The question about money never comes up or if it does, you awkwardly say, “Just get me a drink the next time we’re out.”

Then, networking happens.

Your friends tell a friend. Who tells two friends. And you start getting the friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s friend hitting you up. This time when the issue of money comes up, you fall into the “try before you buy” pitfall that all young/eager freelancers do. If you’re lucky, they have a budget (i.e. someone else’s money) and they insist on paying. If not, it’s rinse, lather, repeat. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200.

As a busy student, I fell into this cycle doing event photography. “Sure, why not?” was my go to phrase. I’d occasionally mix in some graphic design work. All to, “build my book.” All for Freelance.

But then I got paid.

And everyone likes getting paid.

But getting paid did more than put some extra money in my barren pockets, it showed me my own worth. The fear of “not doing a good enough job to get paid” suddenly subsided. The once annoying feedback from teachers about presentation and professionalism, suddenly made sense. It also validated my feelings that I should put those jobs on my resume. Hell, if one person felt I was worth $100 an hour, others will too.

And once you start getting paid, start keeping all your receipts. But that’s a topic for another post (“Creative Accounting 101” – hint: under $600)

Need an appointment with a Director or Faculty?


DIRECTOR APPOINTMENTS: Online Reservations. Appointments Page


Tired of emailing at 1:30am in a panic for an appointment the next day. Don’t fret, we now have 24-7 online reservations for your department director and faculty (minus Lance/Steve) meetings and  appointments. Only caveat, you can only book 4 appointments in a week and no farther than three weeks out. (This is to make it fair for everyone) Even though the robots will be doing the scheduling, doesn’t mean our human eyes won’t be reviewing it, so please be kind and courteous to your fellow students and do not hog the appointments that are available.



Simply select the person you want and appointment with and viola!  Login, book and see you when we see you.


Networking Night (Now with Prizes): Thursday, 10/4/12, 6p-8:30p

Meet your fellow hive members and
learn how to work with each other,
just like the real world does it.
And there will be a goody bag of
AAU swag for the first 75 students
who bring along their portfolios or
gather 10 promo cards from those
showing their work .

Networking Night
Bradley Hall / Room 340
540 Powell Street
6pm to 8:30pm
Thursday, October 04, 2012

CMYK CALL FOR ENTRIES: Deadline 10/5/12 11:59pm

Read carefully.

Email entries to
(don’t literally send with “INSERT YOUR NAME HERE” as the subject. it will not be funny.)

Please keep it to MAX of 5 Entries/Campaigns or Separate single pieces per student.


ALL Entries must have credits submitted to:

Want to reserve a space to study/meet with group etc.. click this

Now you can reserve your very own group study room online, 24 hours a day.

Coming soon… online scheduling for Department Director’s. Yeehaw!

Check out the new ad department—now with 100% more Vince Engel.

Join us as we introduce Vince Engel, new co-chair of the advertising

department and co- founder of Engine Company 1. Hear what he has to say about

his new job, the ad department’s brand new building, and what he has in

store for us in the months to come.


Sponsored by Client86, AAU’s new ad club. Connecting writers, art directors,

creative strategists, and other creatives with awards, internships and drinks.

Lots of drinks. (We’re talking about coffee, don’t jump to any conclusions.)


Info: Free refreshments will be served

Wednesday, September 19

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

410 Bush Street – Third Floor


Graduate (MFA) Students who have successfully completed 24 units (or in progress of completing this semester) are eligible to present.

To sign up, please visit

New, New (Friend Request)

It’s a fresh new year (academically). We have fresh new (to us) digs. New fresh faces. And (hopefully) fresh new talent.

While the elevator at 410 Bush may have an old soul (I swear there is a ghost that keeps those doors from closing properly the first time), now is the perfect time to make new friends. As our esteemed Copywriting Director, Mark Edwards, put it this morning – 410 Bush puts our talents within walking distance to some major advertising agencies: Goodby, Venables, Ogilvy One, 215Mccan, and so many others.

What does this mean for us? Even more of an excuse to pull a “Don Draper” and hit up some bars. I mean “network with potential employers.”

No one will probably take this advice, but smart ladder climbers should cruise the “About Us” sections of their favorite SF agencies. You never know, that dude who just rudely cut in front of you at the coffee shop might just be Jeff Goodby or Rich Silverstein. Instead of slipping him the finger, slip him your book.

Suggested (Only minorly awkward) Opening Lines:


FALL 2012: New Student Orientation Information