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One Club Deadline Extended!

Great news for all the teams working on entries for the Young Ones College Competition. The deadline has been moved up a week to Monday, March 9. Take this opportunity to get in there and make your entries fan-freakin-tastically awesome- (aka – gold pencil magnets). Seriously – the extra week means you can buff your projects to high gloss perfection. Stop by Wojo’s office Monday and Wednesday 12-3 or at Young and Hungry (700 Montgomery) Thursday 3-? for first come, first served competition help.

Better, Faster, Stronger!

Reminder: Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25, is the AAU, School of Advertising Town Hall Meeting. It starts at 2:30 in room 340 at 410 Bush. Here is your chance to let the all-knowing, all-powerful Wizards of Ad (ha) know what’s on your mind. Any and all comments, good, bad or ugly are welcome. The only way to get things that could be better, well…better, is to speak up and let it be known. Show up on time and speak your mind. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Not really, but it’s important that we hear from you. Bonus! Vince said he would run the whole meeting talking like a pirate.

Let’s Get Real

Students from the AAU School of Advertising met today, February 18th at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners and were briefed on a project initiated by Jeff Goodby. A mix of upper term Art Direction, Copywriting and Strategy students attended the event and will begin working together immediately on solutions that will be presented to Mr. Goodby and senior level creatives at the agency. The project, though under Non Disclosure Agreement status right now, reflects a strong and expanding connectivity of the School of Advertising to the industry and offers participating students a peek behind the curtain of a world renowed agency. First round creative reviews at the agency are scheduled for the week of March 9th.

Learn about Freelance from Giant Staffing. Young and Hungry Q&A session.

Want to know what kind of books agencies are looking for? Young & Hungry will host Giant Staffing this Wednesday. Get tips on creative freelancing and have your questions answered. Tweet now to @yandhcreative and use #askGiantStaffing to remove the mystery from the freelancing process.

When: Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2015
Time: 12:30 PM
Where: 700 Montgomery

Bring us your tired concepts, your poor layouts, your huddled typography, yearning to be free

Full time faculty member Jim Wojtowicz, a.k.a. wojo, has taken on a new title at the AAU, School of Advertising. Starting this term he will be the new Associate Director of Art Direction and Industry Development. Other possible titles were,”Duke of making stuff look good and schmoozing”,”He who looks at work and nods appropriately” or “THE EYE”( like “The EDGE” from U2, but even more pretentious and famous only in certain parts of rural Indonesia). In the end, Associate Director of Art Direction and Industry Development is the one that stuck. Jim’s new title means you now have a go-to person for any questions you have regarding Art Direction or navigating the backroads of Bali. His office hours are on Mondays from 12-3 and Wednesdays from 3-6, or you can set up an appointment with him through email at

School of Advertising Pot Luck Draws Thousands

More than eight thousand students filled the third floor of 410 Bush Tuesday night, February third and ate food from around the world at the AAU School of Advertising, New Term Kick-Off Pot Luck Dinner. The event, which happens every term, is a way to meet fellow students and build department pride. Throngs of students arrived early, setting up tents on the sidewalk on Monday, reminiscent of the day before a “Free 42″ Flat Screen TV with every purchase!” Black Friday sale. The crowd enjoyed hand cooked delicacies brought by fellow students and most were able to see the red and white fireworks over the Golden Gate Bridge while on board one of the 70 helicopters provided by AAU. Most were back before the foam machine and temporary water slide were closed down by several San Francisco S.W.A.T. teams, called in by the Mayor to restore order. Fortunately, this was after Taylor Swift played a set of music and after the bags of 100 dollar bills were handed out to all attendees. The raffle of three Porsches at the beginning of the event was said to set the upbeat mood for the rest of the night. In the end, even those who came later and missed most events and were only able to meet Dan Wieden, Lee Clow or Abraham Lincoln (who rose from the dead to enjoy Phuong Nguyen’s vietnamese rolls), considered the event a success. The End of Term Pot Luck happening in May promises to be equally, if not more thrilling and even more students are expected to turn out.

Internship Opportunity

The award winning advertising firm The Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia just opened their summer 2015 internship program for applicants.

It’s a paid opportunity that runs June 1st through August 21st, 2015.

They are looking for filmmakers, animators, copywriters, art directors and web designers. It’s open to BFA Juniors and Seniors, MFA candidates and May 2015 graduates.

The deadline to apply is: February 15th

Application and additional details can be found via this link:


AAU School of Advertising Pot Luck Dinner is tomorrow, February 3 at 6:30pm on the third floor at 410 Bush. Bring a dish of something and partake in a culinary-palooza from around the world. Big ups if you bring a dish from your country of origin. This is a great way to meet your fellow ad folk as well as clog your arteries. Please be a good citizen and bring something. Freeloaders will be browbeaten.

One Club Student Competition Workshop

The One Club student competition is one of the most recognized in the industry. On Thursdays at 3pm, at 700 Montgomery, Wojo will be hosting a workshop to help develop your entries. The deadline is March 2, so there is is a fair amount of time to knock out some awesome work and win a pencil. At the same time, keep in mind a month goes by pretty quick around here so you need to get on this ASAP – translation: THIS THURSDAY.
BTW – winning a gold, silver or bronze pencil means not only a free trip to New York and a pat on the back from your momma, it means Creative Directors from around the country will be shaking your hand at the award show and a lot of them are looking for new talent (hint, hint). Show up early – first come, first served. You can come by yourself and maybe join a team, but it’s suggested that you come with a pre-formed team if possible. There will be plenty-o free coffee, to help fire up your moneymaker.

ADDY Competition Deadline Extended

The Addy Awards deadline has been extended to Tuesday, february 3, at 5PM. That means you still have time to enter and maybe pick up an award or three. Last year we cleaned up at the SF award show ( Which has free food and booze and is crawling with Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Strategy Types and Creative Recruiters.)

For this competition you don’t have to create any new work– you can submit work done for any class you had last year. You need to run it by Vince, Ellen, Mark, Cameron or Wojo though. Once you get the green light, go to the website listed below and enter your work.
AAU school of Advertising will even pay for the entry fee– but you have to be approved by a director.
If you have any questions contact wojo at or stop by his office.