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Call for Entries Spring Show 2015

You’ve worked your ass off all school year, creating campaigns for classes and competitions. Now it is time to show it off to the Advertising Industry, your classmates, and the AAU community, It is time for the Spring Show 15.

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Eleven is looking for Interns

Eleven is looking for two design interns and one copy intern. Please see Ellen or Mark.




Internship Available

A  Branding and Design Agency based out of Sausalito and Napa is looking for an intern. 80% of the business is in the Wine, Beer and Spirits industry. They create brands for large wineries such as Coppola and Mondavi as well as the small family wineries/distilleries that only produce a few 1000 cases. They create package designs, collateral, signage, websites etc and are in need of assistance. The main emphasis for the internship is  Package Design, Website Design  and Photography skills.
Please apply now, if interested.
Please contact Ellen Shakespeare at

AAU Media Awards – Deadline Friday March 27th

The deadline for entering the AAU Media Awards is coming up fast – MARCH 27th. There are two categories for advertising:commercials and branded content video work. “Why enter?” you might ask. Well, as always,YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T ENTER!!! In addition, your work will be seen by lots and lots of people who are in the position to hire you or recommend you. Think of it as free PR that showcases your talent. It’s also a great way to boost your resume cred. Entering is easy–just send your commercials or branded content video work to Sarah, the all-knowing, all-seeing School of Advertising Department Coordinator.
Subject heading: Media Awards Entry. Please also include in your email the following format for your submission;

Title of work:
Running time:
Filmmaker’s name:
Student ID number:
Your role in production:
Vimeo link:
Semester produced:

That’s it. Simple,no?

Do it!

Do it now!… get to the choppaaaahhhrrr (Arnold Schwartzeneggar reference–look it up)

GREY is looking for Copywriting Interns

Grey’s San Francisco office is looking for a creative, self-starting writer intern that wants to make an impact immediately with their ideas, teamwork, and of course, writing. You’ll write some headlines, you’ll write some body copy, and you’ll write some social content that makes everyone take notice.

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GREY is looking for Art Director Interns

Grey’s San Francisco office is looking for a creative, self-starting art director intern that wants to make an impact immediately with their ideas, teamwork, and of course, masterful design and art direction. You’ll be tasked with everything from banner ads and social posts to concepting big ideas — and make everyone take notice at the same time.

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Ubisoft Games Creative Services – Portfolio Day – Thursday April 9th – 5:30p – 7:30p

On Thursday April 9th Ubisoft Games will host a portfolio review night at their SOMA studio to meet new Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Motion Graphic Artists and Copywriters.

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Congrats to the AAU School of Advertising ADDY AWARD Winners

Give it up for all the students listed below. They won a coveted ADDY AWARD and raised their “getting hired for a job in advertisng–ness” by a boatload. For everyone who entered but didn’t win – cheers for trying, better luck next round.
For all of you who knew about it but couldn’t be bothered…shame on your laziness, apathy, disdain or all of the above– best of luck in the non-competitive, super easy to get into world of advertising.

Nattharong Kanchanasomvong, Alvin Lasmana, Ben Lin, Phuong Nguyen, Jean-ChristophePope, Andres Villegas, Jack Whalen, Ihsuan Yeh, Niaz Zia
Rock on starsailors…rock on.

P.S. The list of winners will be mingling with a bunch of Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters and Strategy Folk at the award ceremony tomorrow and their tab is being picked up by the School of Advertising. (Winning has perks yo!)
You can still attend the event if you didn’t win or enter but you have to pay your own way.
(no drop ins– you have to pay in advance).

Campus CLOSED for Spring Break

All Academic buildings will be CLOSED for Spring Break.

Spring Break begins on Sunday March 15th through Saturday March 21st.

R/GA PDX is hiring!

R/GA PDX is looking for Art Directors, Visual Designers, Experience Designers and Producers!
Please reach out to them in the link provided or speak with Vince Engel to get more information on applying.

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