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One Club “Young Ones” Student Competition Kick-off Meeting

If you plan on entering the upcoming One Club Young Ones Student Competition, make sure you stop by one of the upcoming meetings and get the who, what, when, where, and how about it. There will be a short presentation regarding the creative briefs and submission rules etc., followed by a Q and A session afterwards. It’s a great opportunity to get downloaded on the competition and a great place to meet potential team partners and get the ball rolling.

Tuesday, November 3, 11:00 A.M
Wednesday, November 4, 3:00 P.M.

410 Bush Street
The big-ass workroom across from the elevator on the third floor

Can’t win if you don’t play. No crying if your fellow students develop some kick-ass solutions and win a pencil and get flown to New York for the award ceremony and while they are there get noticed by Creative Directors and get cool jobs at great agencies and go on to live happy and successful lives, eventually igniting a creative revolution that saves the world. While you, on your broken and slightly greasy couch, look at your linty navel while sipping box wine and mumble:

1.”I woulda.”
2.”I shoulda.”
3.”I coulda.”

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New Workroom for Ad Students

Get more done while you’re on campus by taking advantage of the new workroom on the third floor at 410 Bush. Use it for meeting with your creative team to develop ideas, as a production space or just a quiet place to chill out and contemplate on how you will fund the building of your underwater city. It’s the room directly across Mark’s, Wojo’s and Cameron’s offices on the third floor. First come, first served. No fistfights please.

Junior Art Director Position at Organic



October 19 Guest Speaker Cancelled

Wade Alger let us know he cannot get away from commercial productions in LA so he will not be making a class visit or speaking Monday. It’s unfortunate but a good reminder that even at the top levels of the industry, the work comes first.

Looking for a job in Chicago?

Looking for a job in Chicago?
Check out this site and apply.

Mekanism is also looking for people.

Feel free to mention my name.
-Vince Engel

ADV Copywriter Powers Siri

ADV MFA student Victoria Inoue spent the summer as a copy intern at Apple. In addition to helping craft work that debuted at the September keynote launching the latest iPhones, she wrote several answers for Siri. Now that we’re into October…

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Cancelled—Big guest speaker on Monday October 19th

Event has been cancelled.

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Meet your MFA & BFA Student Rep!

Hi Everyone,

We are proud to announce that this semester we have chosen Julia Enander for our BFA rep and Bagus Wijaya for our MFA rep.

These students will be the one representing the voice for YOU in the semester. If you have anything you think the school should hear about or if you have any ideas about changing something, please reach out to our reps and let them know.

If you aren’t sure who the reps are they will be popping into the ADV classes over the next couple weeks to introduce themselves.

Bagus can be reached at

You are also welcomed to reach out to the department Administrator, Sarah for any questions you may have.