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WE’RE HIRING: Work Study Student for Administration Assistant Position

The School of Advertising is looking for one work study student to assist us in Fall 2017 semester. This paid position will involve wearing various hats, from social media management to project support for the Young & Hungry Agency team and Photo Studio. Many of the tasks will be standard office work to help keep the office running smoothly (think flyers, files, and facilities), but there are also opportunities for creativity and input on the team.

We are looking for someone who is excited to support the Advertising team in reaching its goals, but any major may apply. No experience in an office position necessary; organization and basic Mac computer fluency are musts. Compensation is $14/hr, and hours will range from 10-20 per week.

More information regarding the job description here:

To apply, please email to set up an interview appointment. Make sure to include your resume and student ID in your email.

Please note that after the interview, AAU Financial Aid will check your eligibility to hold a Work Study position. Work Study is a form of federal financial aid, open to students who meet certain academic, financial, and residency requirements. For more about Work Study eligibility, please follow this link:

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Top 5 Fall Class Recommendations from Advertising







Fall semester starts Tuesday, September 5th. Contact your advisor now to register for classes! Make sure to ask your advisor if you are eligible to take any of these top 5 recommended courses:


Writing for UX -- ADV 499-02

This class is recommended for students across disciplines, including Web Design, Fashion and especially Advertising, developing skills in the increasingly valuable field of User Experience. Students will learn to craft language that increases the desirability and usability of websites, apps, and digital experiences. Students will create consistent experience across multiple platforms, and engage a range of audience types.

Tuesdays 3:40pm


Entertainment Advertising -- ADV 348-01

A class for ad students with any emphasis, students in ADV 348-01 will analyze current trends in popular culture and develop copy and marketing concepts for entertainment media, including TV, games, music and movies. Students will conduct research for a target audience, and develop trailer scripts, key art and ads.

Tuesdays 7:10pm


Copy for Radio -- ADV 499-02

In this hands-on class, students learn the techniques needed to write and produce spots for the intimate theater-of-the-mind medium: radio. They will learn to utilize storytelling, pacing, dialogue construction, and voice actor casting against a background of music and sound effects to create 60-second gems that captivate their audience.

Tuesdays 3:40pm


The Agency -- ADV 498-01, 498-04, 498-05

This course offers the opportunity to gain hands-on agency experience. Students will work in teams and function as an agency to create ads for real clients. Topics will include workflow, budgeting, account service, meeting clients’ needs, and pursuing new business. Agency capabilities will include digital, social media, broadcast, and print. Prerequisites: Department Director approval (contact to set up an Agency Interview); Cross-listed with ADV 695

Mondays 12pm-6:30pm, Tuesdays 12pm-6:30pm, or Thursdays 12pm-6:30pm


Futures and Trends, ADV 499-01

This Special Topics class will not be run in Spring, so now is the time to register. ADV 499-01 advances students’ understanding of cultural trends and behavior. Students learn to develop trend reports, posters, visual maps, and infographics. Prerequisites: ADV 226

Wednesdays 12:00pm