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Friendly Reminder If You’re Registered For One Club’s CBC…

The One Club’s Creative Bootcamp is just around the corner! But before we hit the ground running, we want to give a friendly reminder to students regarding their classes. All students need to contact their instructors and inform them if they’re participating in the creative bootcamp. Students should also be aware that they’re responsible for any homework due or assigned in next week’s classes and may need to make arrangements with instructors to submit work on time.

This event is not considered an excused absence according to school guidelines, but it’s up to instructors how to factor in absences with grading, etc. We look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday!

ADV + WNM Potluck Social / Town Hall Meeting Next Friday 9/27!



We hope you’ve had a smooth transition to the Fall 2019 semester! We’re hosting a department potluck next Friday, September 27th @1:30pm on the 5th floor Gallery of 180 New Montgomery to officially welcome you all back and mingle with faculty & fellow students! Bring any yummy dish or beverage (no alcohol, please) to share and feast with everyone.

Please stick around immediately after the potluck @ 2:00p-3:00p for the ADV + WNM Town Hall meeting. We want to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in our department, and answer any questions/concerns. Plus our Chief Academic Officer Sue Rowley will swing by and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Fall 2019 Workshops Now in Session

Oh snap, workshops are back next week–and we’re pumped! Take a look at what we have available this semester!


Please remember, these workshops only exist if you sign up for them. All onsite workshops require a minimum of 8 students to run, otherwise it will be cancelled for that week. If it occurs two weeks in a row, the workshop will be permanently cancelled for the semester. So please sign up in advance!

You can sign up for workshops by the admin office window at 180 New Montgomery, 5th floor, and we hope to see you around! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Language Support Lab Now Open

The Language Support Lab is kicking off this Monday, September 16th and will be available all semester until Friday, December 13th! If you’re an international or domestic onsite student that needs one-on-one language support, you can schedule an appointment or drop in to meet with a tutor. Our departments can help students with:

  • Understanding course content or materials
  • Cultural aspects of classes or projects
  • Midpoint or Final Review proposals or presentations
  • Final projects or graduate thesis
  • Class presentations or critique participation
  • Content-specific writing assistance
  • Research and concept development for projects
  • Help with resumes, internships, job interviews

You can schedule an appointment using this link: and learn more about the Language Support Lab here.

(No labs will be available Nov. 28—Dec. 1)

Apply for the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program

Looking for an internship opportunity? The Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP), a fellowship to give multicultural students equitable access to paid internships in the advertising industry, is looking for some talented new students.

Application submissions are now open, and students can begin applying here. Undergraduates and graduates are welcome to apply and are encouraged to check out their website. If you have any questions, please email

Sign Up for the 2019 One Club Creative Bootcamp!

Competition season has begun again, and what better way to kick it off than by participating in this year’s One Club Creative Bootcamp? Work in teams alongside art directors, copywriters and strategists to create an awesome campaign in four days. Creative professionals will be around to help mentor you throughout the intensive workshop.

Event dates are October 1-4, and breakfast and lunch are provided!

Don’t be shy, sign up and get those creative juices flowin’ (before it’s too late).

CA Interactive Competition



Attention, students! The most prestigious design competition for interactive media is now open for submissions! Projects for digital distribution on desktop, interactive installation, handheld devices, online service or the World Wide Web are eligible. For more information or to enter, view the submission page here.

Note: Students will be responsible for all entry fees. 

How to Enter Young Glory 2019-2020

Time to start entering the Young Glory competition for the 2019-2020 academic year! It’s free. You get to do cool projects. Why not go for it?

This is a competition with a new brief each month, running from September through April. All ADV/WNM students are encouraged to enter, at any and every experience level. For WNM students, be sure to select the “School of Advertising” option.

The deadline is the last day of each month, so if some of you planned ahead and worked on a submission for September, then there is still time! If not, keep an eye out for the October brief coming up this weekend, and get started.






Students should register their teams here:

You must register with this link (instead of the submit page registration) for AAU to pay for your entry.

Make sure to write “School of Advertising, Academy of Art University” for the Agency/School field.

Once you register, you do not need to do so again until next September, when the competition year refreshes.

By registering, you will also be able to accumulate points throughout the competition.





Go to the submission page linked here:

(Once your student team is registered, your name should show up in the drop-down menu on the submission page)




Come to one of ADV’s workshops or visit a full time faculty member or director’s drop in hours. There are opportunities Monday-Friday to get help. Locations, dates and times will be posted soon.


Good luck!!!