D&AD Award Deadline Extended


Hello students! We’re happy to announce that the D&AD New Blood Awards deadline has been extended. Therefore, we will also be extending our deadline, and reopening our submissions form until April 20th.

One Club Bootcamp Winners!

Winner winner, chicken dinner! We had a fantastic week with The One Club and BSSP. All of the teams created great work, and we’re happy to announce this year’s winners incase you missed it!

1st place (pictured above):

Enrike Grageda, Linnea Liljedahl, Mai Yasa, Winnie Smith

2nd place:

Martine Colloredo-Mansfeld, Michael Roy, Jane Tsai, Jesswa Sinaca, Fredrik Hallius, Maddy Kinsella

3rd place:

Saniya Utegulova, Paulo Olandez, Nicole Rudden, Justin Barnette, Colin Galeste

Honorable mention:

Dominic Payerchin, Felix Lundqvist, Anushka Kandachia, Tushawn Bailey, Tony Wong, Corina Rodriguez

Congrats to our amazing creatives, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

Friendly Reminder If You’re Registered For One Club’s CBC…

The One Club’s Creative Bootcamp is just around the corner! But before we hit the ground running, we want to give a friendly reminder to students regarding their classes. All students need to contact their instructors and inform them if they’re participating in the creative bootcamp. Students should also be aware that they’re responsible for any homework due or assigned in next week’s classes and may need to make arrangements with instructors to submit work on time.

This event is not considered an excused absence according to school guidelines, but it’s up to instructors how to factor in absences with grading, etc. We look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday!

Sign Up for the 2019 One Club Creative Bootcamp!

Competition season has begun again, and what better way to kick it off than by participating in this year’s One Club Creative Bootcamp? Work in teams alongside art directors, copywriters and strategists to create an awesome campaign in four days. Creative professionals will be around to help mentor you throughout the intensive workshop.

Event dates are October 1-4, and breakfast and lunch are provided!

Don’t be shy, sign up and get those creative juices flowin’ (before it’s too late).

Congrats to the Young Ones Winners!

We want to give a quick shoutout to our amazing students that received awards from The One Club / The Young Ones competition in New York!

Z by HP / Studio Z campaign

Awarded: Gold pencil

CW: Yash Ram

AD: Fangqi Li


The New York Times / Think Inside the Box campaign

Awarded: Silver pencil

CW: Amanda Wennberg

AD: Freija Edlund, Hanna Goransson, Rasmus Holmqvist, Hedvig Rausing

Congratulations to you all!

Share Your Creative Writing to Win a Cash Prize

If you keep a journal full of slam poetry or write short stories in your free time, this contest was meant for you. Enter the Page One literary performance contest for this Friday, April 26 from 6:00-9:00pm. The sign up sheets and event will be held at the AAU Library on the 6th floor of 180 New Montgomery. First place winners will receive $100 and second place winners get $50 for each category. The categories available are:

  • Fiction
  • Memoir/Creative
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry/Spoken Word

Entry is limited to the first ten students, so sign up sooner than later. If you don’t wish to enter the contest, feel free to attend to watch others perform and snack on free food. If you have any questions about the event or contest rules, visit the AAU Library Circulation Desk. Good luck and have fun!

Creative Jam is Back: Bigger than Ever & Hosted at Adobe HQ!

Time to get your Jam on! March 6th is a special night of creation, competition, and inspiration at Adobe HQ at 601 Townsend. Free to register, just for you. Sign up to compete or attend today!

Show Support for Your Classmates!

We wanted to give another quick reminder to vote for our students Johanna Granlund and Amanda Wennberg by December 3rd if you love their work! They are one of six finalists in the Kia Driving Creativity Competition. If you’re curious about the process behind creating the print ad, check out an article written about the duo on Academy News.

If you wish to support Johanna and Amanda, click on the link below to cast your vote!

Participating in One Club Bootcamp? READ THIS.


One Club Creative Bootcamp is next week!

Just a reminder that if you plan on taking part, you need to contact your instructors to let them know that you will not be attending class. It’s up to you to make arrangements with each of your instructors for submitting any and all assignments.

How to Enter Young Glory 2018-2019


Time to start entering the Young Glory competition for the 2018-2019 academic year! It’s free. You get to do cool projects. Why not go for it?

This is a competition with a new brief each month, running from September through April. All ADV students are encouraged to enter, at any and every experience level.

The deadline is the last day of each month, so if some of you planned ahead and worked on a submission for September, then there is still time! If not, keep an eye out for the October brief coming up this weekend and get started.







Students should register their teams here:

You must register with this link (instead of the submit page registration) for AAU to pay for your entry.

Make sure to write “Academy of Art University, School of Advertising” for the Agency/School.

Once you register, you do not need to do so again until next September, when the competition year refreshes.

By registering, students will also be able to accumulate points throughout the competition.

So if you haven’t already, find your creative bff and start working!


From Young Glory team:

“Young Glory is about tracking team points across all 8 rounds; it is important all AAU students pick their ‘team’ now. A team can be 1 person, or max 2 people. So AAU students will need to decide if they want to participate alone or with a partner. Once they decide that, they can register their details at the link…We’ll then be able to assign their points each round to their team (as opposed to one all-encompassing AAU team)”







Go to the submission page linked here:

(Once the student team is registered, it should show up in the drop-down menu on the submission page)


As the website states, you must be able to submit with a single url link.

September deadline: September 30th 2018, 11:59pm Los Angeles time







Come to one of ADV’s workshops or visit a full time faculty member or director’s drop in hours. There are opportunities Monday-Friday to get help.

Click here for locations, dates and times.