Friendly Reminder If You’re Registered For One Club’s CBC…

The One Club’s Creative Bootcamp is just around the corner! But before we hit the ground running, we want to give a friendly reminder to students regarding their classes. All students need to contact their instructors and inform them if they’re participating in the creative bootcamp. Students should also be aware that they’re responsible for any homework due or assigned in next week’s classes and may need to make arrangements with instructors to submit work on time.

This event is not considered an excused absence according to school guidelines, but it’s up to instructors how to factor in absences with grading, etc. We look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday!

ADV + WNM Potluck Social / Town Hall Meeting Next Friday 9/27!



We hope you’ve had a smooth transition to the Fall 2019 semester! We’re hosting a department potluck next Friday, September 27th @1:30pm on the 5th floor Gallery of 180 New Montgomery to officially welcome you all back and mingle with faculty & fellow students! Bring any yummy dish or beverage (no alcohol, please) to share and feast with everyone.

Please stick around immediately after the potluck @ 2:00p-3:00p for the ADV + WNM Town Hall meeting. We want to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in our department, and answer any questions/concerns. Plus our Chief Academic Officer Sue Rowley will swing by and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

EAP Support Labs Spring 2019

Struggling with comprehending class material? Or maybe you’re feeling unprepared for your interview? Stephen Zannis offers one-on-one Language Support Labs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Topics covered include:

  • Prepping for midpoint and final reviews
  • Giving oral presentations in classes
  • Developing and using critique language
  • Reviewing class content (especially anatomical terms, color theory vocabulary, media and digital tool terminology)
  • Resume writing, artist statement writing, internship, mock interviews
  • Assisting with research methodologies and formats

Stephen’s Language Support Lab will be on Fridays, 12-3pm 311A at 79 New Montgomery.

You can book a 50-minute appointment up to 2 weeks in advance at:

Drop-ins are also welcome. If you would like to read more about this service, you may find that information here:

Spring 2019 Workshops & Drop-In Hours

Hello ADV+WNM Students, We are excited to announce the workshop and drop-in hours schedules for Spring 2019! Please see below for the full schedule and how to sign up.


Onsite Workshops: Students must sign-up in advance for all official AAU onsite workshops using the sign-up sheets posted outside of the Admin Office window (near the photocopier/printer)

Online Workshops: Students must sign-up in advance for all official online workshops using the LMS/Student Portal

ADV + WNM Leadership Updates

Hello students! Hope you have been enjoying a well-deserved break and are excited to start the new semester in a few weeks! We wanted to share some amazing news:

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Fred McHale to the position of Co-Director of ADV and WNM, alongside current Co-Director Andrea Pimentel. Fred has been teaching at the Academy since 2011. He was previously the Online Director for the ADV and WNM departments, and is Chair of the Online Education Steering Committee.

ADV would like to thank former Co-Director Ryan Medeiros for his over 15 years of service to our program and students, and are pleased that he will continue to teach with us as he pursues other artistic interests.

In other exciting news, we are also pleased to announce that Nikki Oettinger is moving into the role of Online Director for both ADV and WNM.

And last but certainly not least, a special shout out to DC Scarpelli, our newest WNM Associate Director.

Congratulations to Fred, Nikki & DC! So proud of your hard work and dedication. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to Spring 2019!

Take This Survey to Help Improve AAU Marketing

The Academy marketing department wants to hear from you! This quick survey should take no more than five minutes. 


Announcement Regarding Office Hours

With finals and the Ideate Conference approaching, our faculty’s office hours may be compromised. If you plan to stop by faculty offices this week (or next), please be sure to reach out and double check that he/she will be there. We recommend scheduling an appointment if you wish to guarantee a time to talk with your teacher. We hope to see you at our department events this week!

Make a 360 around 180 — Welcome Back Open House Thursday

ADV and WNM have teamed up to make the 180 NM 5th floor better for all students. Drop by on the first day of Fall and see what’s new.

Lounges. Gallery. Collaborative Spaces. Photo Studio. Color Printer.

Start/end in room 510 with free coffee and snacks, while they last.

ADV + WNM Welcome Back Open House
Thursday, September 6
10:30 to 12:30


ADV has moved! See what’s new.

We’ve moved to the 5th floor of 180 New Montgomery with our pals in the WNM department! (Miss the news about our new partnership? Catch up here)

Take a tour of what’s new on the 5th floor with Wojo and WNM’s Hamilton Cline:

new 5th floor walkthrough from Academy ADV on Vimeo.





Announcing: ADV + WNM

Starting Summer 2018, Director of the School of Advertising Andrea Pimentel, and Director of the School of Web Design & New Media Ryan Medeiros, will join forces as co-directors of both departments.

Under this combined leadership, we expect to be positioned on the forefront of the industry and offer a wider-range of opportunities to students of both majors. While the two departments will remain independent, as always, our focus will be on guiding students to create top-notch professional portfolios that fit the needs of today’s most innovative industries in tech, advertising, entertainment, and more.

Moving forward Fred McHale will be the Online Director for both Advertising and Web Design & New Media, with support from Nikki Oettinger and Raina Maes. Inquiries can still be addressed to the respective departments at or

Andrea Pimentel, Co-Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media

Ryan Medeiros, Co-Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media

Fred McHale, Online Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media



Are the two departments combining?

No. Each department will retain its own identity.

Is my degree/major changing?

No. Your degree/major will stay the same.

Where do I go to get help?

You can continue to email or to get answers to your questions, make an appointment to meet with a director, etc. Both directors will also have regular drop-in office hours available to students of both departments. Online students of both majors can also work with Online Director of ADV and WNM, Fred McHale.

Why is this happening?

We recognize that the skills and innovations of both industries are aligning more every day. With combined resources we can provide more benefits—such as facilities, equipment, technology, industry events, and curriculum—to ADV, WNM and all AAU students.

When I want to talk to a Director, who should I go to?

You can continue to go to your previous director, or get to know your new co-director!

What else is changing?

  • The most significant changes will be administrative and will not directly affect or be immediately apparent to students.
  • Both departments share many classes already and we anticipate being able to offer better collaborative and elective options to students of both majors in the future.
  • In order to better share facilities, equipment, and other resources, some offices and classrooms will be relocated.