Workshops & Office Hours

Test Your Zoom Set Up

To help you prepare for onsite classes temporary move to Zoom, Mark will hold his Tuesday 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. office hours simultaneously in his 180 NM office and his Zoom room. Just click through to test your set up and make sure you know how to make everything work for onsite classes starting Wednesday.


Fall 2019 Workshops Now in Session

Oh snap, workshops are back next week–and we’re pumped! Take a look at what we have available this semester!


Please remember, these workshops only exist if you sign up for them. All onsite workshops require a minimum of 8 students to run, otherwise it will be cancelled for that week. If it occurs two weeks in a row, the workshop will be permanently cancelled for the semester. So please sign up in advance!

You can sign up for workshops by the admin office window at 180 New Montgomery, 5th floor, and we hope to see you around! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

EAP Support Labs Spring 2019

Struggling with comprehending class material? Or maybe you’re feeling unprepared for your interview? Stephen Zannis offers one-on-one Language Support Labs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Topics covered include:

  • Prepping for midpoint and final reviews
  • Giving oral presentations in classes
  • Developing and using critique language
  • Reviewing class content (especially anatomical terms, color theory vocabulary, media and digital tool terminology)
  • Resume writing, artist statement writing, internship, mock interviews
  • Assisting with research methodologies and formats

Stephen’s Language Support Lab will be on Fridays, 12-3pm 311A at 79 New Montgomery.

You can book a 50-minute appointment up to 2 weeks in advance at:

Drop-ins are also welcome. If you would like to read more about this service, you may find that information here:

Spring 2019 Workshops & Drop-In Hours

Hello ADV+WNM Students, We are excited to announce the workshop and drop-in hours schedules for Spring 2019! Please see below for the full schedule and how to sign up.


Onsite Workshops: Students must sign-up in advance for all official AAU onsite workshops using the sign-up sheets posted outside of the Admin Office window (near the photocopier/printer)

Online Workshops: Students must sign-up in advance for all official online workshops using the LMS/Student Portal

Workshop Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that if you like having workshops available, please please please sign up at least 48 hours in advance! For example, if there is a workshop on a Friday, you must sign up by Wednesday.

Even if you are debating if you can attend a certain week, or only want to swing by for 10 minutes, signing up ensures your favored workshops will continue. You can review the dates and times of our semester’s workshops below.


ADV Fall Workshops and Drop-In Hours Schedule

Heeeeeelp (where to get it)





Winter Break Competition Help

Starting next Tuesday, January 3 from 1-3 pm, there will be a competition entry workshop in room 310 at 410 Bush. The workshops will continue each Tuesday at the same time until the semester starts. First come, first served. Come for as long as you like – you don’t have to stay the full two hours. You’ll have direct access to all the department directors and full-time advertising instructors. If you’re serious about winning a competition this year, you need to work harder and smarter than everyone else. This is your chance to do both.

Fall ADV Workshops and Drop In Hours



Summer Advertising Workshops


Join us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3pm, room 100. You can get help with your graduate reviews, portfolios, projects, and assignments. Don’t wait to get ahead!