AAU Media Awards – Deadline Friday March 27th

The deadline for entering the AAU Media Awards is coming up fast – MARCH 27th. There are two categories for advertising:commercials and branded content video work. “Why enter?” you might ask. Well, as always,YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T ENTER!!! In addition, your work will be seen by lots and lots of people who are in the position to hire you or recommend you. Think of it as free PR that showcases your talent. It’s also a great way to boost your resume cred. Entering is easy–just send your commercials or branded content video work to Sarah, the all-knowing, all-seeing School of Advertising Department Coordinator. sseigler@academyart.edu
Subject heading: Media Awards Entry. Please also include in your email the following format for your submission;

Title of work:
Running time:
Filmmaker’s name:
Student ID number:
Your role in production:
Vimeo link:
Semester produced:

That’s it. Simple,no?

Do it!

Do it now!… get to the choppaaaahhhrrr (Arnold Schwartzeneggar reference–look it up)


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