TOMORROW: R/GA Speaker Series; Creative Connect

R/GA Creative Connect with Ninive Calegari

This Friday – April 8th, 2011

4:30 – 6:00 pm

R/GA office at 35 South Park Street San Francisco.

Please come and help us spread the word about the event!

Nínive Calegari
is nationally recognized for being an inspiring advocate improving and reshaping education. She is also a veteran teacher, a cofounder and former executive director of 826 Valencia. Ninive has lead a range of creative efforts that have built educational communities, spread awareness on challenges in the educational system and brought positive change. In collaboration with a large network of volunteers, Ninive has reached communities locally in the Bay Area and through out the United States. At R/GA Creative Connect Spring Series, Ninive will present the current work for a film called American Teachers. This documentary is largely based on a New York Times bestselling book she co-authored with Daniel Moultrhop and Dave Eggers, called Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America’s Teachers. It is also a part of her greater work as a founder of The Teacher Salary Project. The hope is to change the way America values and rewards effective teachers. The lecture will also be an opportunity to discuss the current situation, developments and challenges that the students, teachers, parents, community and even country at large face in the current political, economic and global climate.

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Stay tuned for more detail on upcoming speakers:

Robert Hodgin 04.22.11 @ 4:30pm Media, Visuals and Interactivity
Rosanna Yau, Monica Martinez and Matt Cohen 05.13.11 @ 4:30pm Eating Bugs and The Rise of the Street Food Culture
Anand Gowda 05.27.11 @ 4:30pm Wood, Craft and Making
John Trippe 06.10.11 @ 4:30pm Bay Area Art and Visual Culture

R/GA Spring Lecture Series – Creative Connect
Creative Connect is about reaching out to San Francisco creatives across all disciplines to share their work and insights with the local creative community. Creative Connect is about getting an architect and a multi-media artist, a curator and a chef, a dancer and a street artist in the same room to see what happens. R/GA is a multi-disciplinary agency that understands the benefit of cross-breeding creatives. The Creative Connect spring lecture series is open to the public and intended to provide space for San Francisco creative professionals to speak, perform or display groundbreaking work and ideas. Our hope is to inspire creative and collaborative work in our community.

R/GA 35 South Park, San Francisco, CA 94107



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