2015 Spring Show Winners!

The School of Advertising is proud to announce the 2015 Spring Show Winners!!

Best in show

  • Alvin Lasmana for Chrome – #CITYWIDE

Team; Tom Hasenfratz


Best TV Category

  • GOLD: Chiao Chen for Stutterheim Raincoats

Team; John Ansterus & Zijian Zhang

  • SILVER: Ursula Burgess for The Hunt
  • BRONZE: Alvin Lasmana for Chrome #CITYWIDE

Team; Tom Hasenfratz


Best Short Film Category

  • GOLD: Mengshuang Michelle Tang for ONE – Documentary
  • SILVER: Chiao Chen for Summer 2014 NYC
  • BRONZE: Romina Alexandra Camacho for the AIM Permanent Market Campaign

Team; Zachary Charters, Joel Ramirez, MJ Centeno, Ria Palanca, Helena Schlesinger, Hannah Carlson, Beatrice Blomberg, Chad Jenkins, Sofia Persson


Best Video for Web

  • GOLD: Hayes Liu foor Nootrobox “Rubik’s Cube Master”

Team; Arnon Chinchiewchan, Maya Tucker, Abdulkadir Abdullahi

  • SILVER: Selena Davant for Dear America

Team; Chiao Chen

  • BRONZE: Jasmine Joseph for Suicide Prevention

Team; Sahar Gholami


Best Video Case Study

  •  GOLD: Jacob Hellstrom for School of Minecraft

Team; Mads Rolland Krough

  • SILVER: Wei Yi Lin for Let’s Meet Face to Face
  • BRONZE: Jacob Hellstrom for Run to Rio

Team; Marcus Pettersson and Philip Brunberg


Best Integrated Campaigns

  • GOLDAlec Chen for Pantone Link: San Francisco

Team; Nan Young & Katherine Popp

  • SILVER: Bryan Dempler for California
  • BRONZE: Natthrarong Kanchanasomvong for Levi’s Made of You


Best Branding

  • GOLD: Razan Ali for Welcome to Advertising
  • SILVER: Siravich Chatchaiganan for Pan Copywriter
  • BRONZE: Romina Alexandra Camacho for Young & Hungry


Best Print

  • GOLD: Alvin Lasmana for Chrome – #CITYWIDE

Team; Tom Hasenfratz

  • SILVER: Sam An for Beauty Stays, MAC
  • BRONZE: Bingzhe Wang for Fight the Hunger


Best Poster

  • GOLD: Roie Reuveni for Inherit the Wind
  • SILVER: Bingzhe Wang for Happy Cage
  • BRONZE: Andy Wu for Visit Havana
  • BRONZE: Niaz Zia for Hunger for Creativity

Team; Tom Hasenfratz & Chad Jenkins

  • BRONZE: Patricia Garcia for Jazz Greats


Congratulations to all of our winners!! Please reach out to Sarah Seigler at sseigler@academyart.edu for a time and day to pick your award.


Thank you!


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