Camp Bernbach / DDB Summer Internship


Adster people!
Below is an email I received from my pal Denise, who’s a recruiter at DDB. This is an awesome opportunity to do more than celebrate that weed is pretty much totally legal in a lot of states. If you’re here this summer and don’t apply for this one, then I wish you luck in your fast food career……srsly, why would you not do this?


Camp Bernbach at DDB SF is a one of a kind summer internship program designed to help aspiring ad women and men blaze trails in a real agency environment.


Great news! – You won’t be making coffee or copies!


Upon arrival, you’ll be assigned a camp counselor who will help you learn the ropes and make your three-month stay as epic as possible. Outside of your daily responsibilities, enjoy free breakfasts in the dining hall and activities like intramural sports and camp outings. The best part? No stuffy camp uniform. Just come as you are.

While there’s no guarantee of a full-time position once the program is over, you’ll have a stronger resume and the unique experience of working within DDB.

What will you receive?

· Salary: $15/hr (non-exempt)
· Hands-on experience working for notable brands.
· An opportunity to participate in agency learnings and final intern project.
· Assigned agency mentor (aka camp counselor), who will provide guidance, instruction, and leadership.
· Professional development opportunities to grow within future careers in advertising, marketing and communication industries.

Important Dates and Info:

The program begins Monday, June 1, 2020 and goes through Friday, August 21, 2020.

Application deadline: March 30, 2020

Apply at or directly to

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