Ad hotshots pick up a Young Glory Bronze

Hats off to advertising students Visarnpong (Saint) Chateakcharoen and Ei Kakiuchi. The duo picked up a bronze award in the latest round of the Young Glory competition with their entry titled “Life Over” (see below). Young Glory is the 8 part competition that puts out a new brief every month for eight months. It’s a great way to build solid work for your book as well as awesome resume material as you collect awards like these guys did. Still not enough to get you off the couch? Then consider the AAU, School of Ad kids that won the entire 8 month young Glory Competition two years or so ago, who were flown in to the C2 Commercial Creativity Conference in Montreal to pitch their ideas to (SIR!) Richard Branson. Yep….good things happen to people who aren’t afraid to sweat a little. Rock on Saint! Rock on Ei!


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