ADC Young Guns ®: .

If you’re 30 or under & have two years of the working life under your belt, we’d like you to show us what it’s all about.

BASICALLY if you are a CURRENT student, with TWO YEARS agency experience under your belt, you can enter.

DEADLINE: MAY 16, 2011


Entrants must be professionals working in the field(s) of graphic design, photography, illustration, advertising and art direction, environmental design, film, animation, motion graphics, interactive design, typography, architecture, copywriting, product design, package design, fashion design, furniture design, interior design or object design. If your work does not fit within any of these categories, this does not necessarily mean that it isn’t eligible – email to make sure.

Entrants must be 30 years of age or younger on the day entries open (March 15, 2011) and must have been working professionally for at least 2 years (both full-time and freelance work qualify). We will require a proof of age in the form of a Passport, State ID or drivers license from all entrants.

If you are a student with two years of the working life under your belt, you are also eligible to enter. Previous ADC Young Guns entrants ARE eligible to enter, but past ADC Young Guns winners are NOT eligible to enter subsequent cycles of the competition.

ADC Young Guns is an international competition open to all who qualify.


6-10 pieces of professional and personal work. A maximum of half of your pieces submitted can be personal work. The rest must be professional, published work. Unpublished and client-rejected spec work counts as personal work.

Work entered does not need to have been created in a particular year – entries will be judged as a portfolio of work. Choose wisely: pick projects that showcase the full range of your skills. Submissions need not conform to any specific media categories. Your submitted portfolio may feature work in one medium or several.

Ready to prepare your portfolio? Review the Entry Instructions first.


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