Adobe CC Update

Recently Adobe released Creative Cloud 2019. Many students have auto-update enabled, or want to try using the newest version possible. However, we do not recommend updating right away. The Academy does not have the ability to license CC 2019 in our labs or classrooms. If you already updated your Adobe CC, and find that your files are no longer compatible with older versions — no worries! You can roll back the version by following the process below.


  1. From the Creative Cloud Application, click the down arrow next to the application and select “Manage”

2. Under “Manage” select “Other Versions”

3. From there you will have the option to install additional versions of the software. You may have more than one version installed at a time and can launch whichever version you like

4. Once you’ve installed additional versions, use the down arrow next to the product to display your installed versions of the software and launch whichever you need


If you need further assistance, you can contact the Online Help Desk: 1.888.431.2787


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