Art and Copy Interns in LA

An alumni at Zambezi passed this notice along. Sounds like a great opportunity.
Zambezi is a creative advertising agency based in Venice, CA – two blocks from beach. We’re looking for paid interns to join our creative department.
For two months, you’ll work like a jr. art director or a jr. copywriter on multiple projects with oversight from a creative director. Every client brief is an opportunity for you to build your book and make a name for yourself. The only limit is the power of your own ideas. Apply individually or as a team. Bonus points if you surf or skate.
You’ll collaborate in teams on real clients projects and work with a department mentor to set personal goals for the summer. If you’re a motivated, curious, and passionate self-starter, we want you. The internship runs from 6/08/15 – 8/14/15. To apply, send resume/site to

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