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Thursday – SF MOMA Careers in Communications Event + Free Admission to SF MOMA

Our friends in Fashion Journalism department have invited us to join them this Thursday, March 5, 2020, to meet with the Director of Communications of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA) Jill Lynch and Managing Editor Janet Ozzard.

We will be discussing careers in communications, and the skill set necessary to succeed in this field, as both panelists have a background in this area.

After the meeting, you will be able to continue exploring SF MOMA and the current exhibitions. The museum will be open until 9:00 PM.

The meeting will take place from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM at SF MOMA Auditorium, 151 3rd Street, San Francisco.

There are limited spaces available, and RSVPs are required. Add your name here to RSVP:  RSVP form

Attention Strategists!

Participating in One Club Bootcamp? READ THIS.


One Club Creative Bootcamp is next week!

Just a reminder that if you plan on taking part, you need to contact your instructors to let them know that you will not be attending class. It’s up to you to make arrangements with each of your instructors for submitting any and all assignments.

ADV Fall Workshops and Drop-In Hours Schedule

ADV has moved! See what’s new.

We’ve moved to the 5th floor of 180 New Montgomery with our pals in the WNM department! (Miss the news about our new partnership? Catch up here)

Take a tour of what’s new on the 5th floor with Wojo and WNM’s Hamilton Cline:

new 5th floor walkthrough from Academy ADV on Vimeo.





Announcing: ADV + WNM

Starting Summer 2018, Director of the School of Advertising Andrea Pimentel, and Director of the School of Web Design & New Media Ryan Medeiros, will join forces as co-directors of both departments.

Under this combined leadership, we expect to be positioned on the forefront of the industry and offer a wider-range of opportunities to students of both majors. While the two departments will remain independent, as always, our focus will be on guiding students to create top-notch professional portfolios that fit the needs of today’s most innovative industries in tech, advertising, entertainment, and more.

Moving forward Fred McHale will be the Online Director for both Advertising and Web Design & New Media, with support from Nikki Oettinger and Raina Maes. Inquiries can still be addressed to the respective departments at or

Andrea Pimentel, Co-Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media

Ryan Medeiros, Co-Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media

Fred McHale, Online Director, Advertising and Web Design & New Media



Are the two departments combining?

No. Each department will retain its own identity.

Is my degree/major changing?

No. Your degree/major will stay the same.

Where do I go to get help?

You can continue to email or to get answers to your questions, make an appointment to meet with a director, etc. Both directors will also have regular drop-in office hours available to students of both departments. Online students of both majors can also work with Online Director of ADV and WNM, Fred McHale.

Why is this happening?

We recognize that the skills and innovations of both industries are aligning more every day. With combined resources we can provide more benefits—such as facilities, equipment, technology, industry events, and curriculum—to ADV, WNM and all AAU students.

When I want to talk to a Director, who should I go to?

You can continue to go to your previous director, or get to know your new co-director!

What else is changing?

  • The most significant changes will be administrative and will not directly affect or be immediately apparent to students.
  • Both departments share many classes already and we anticipate being able to offer better collaborative and elective options to students of both majors in the future.
  • In order to better share facilities, equipment, and other resources, some offices and classrooms will be relocated.

Spring Show Finalists Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work for Spring Show. The judges had a lot of tough choices to make! Mark your calendar for Spring Show opening night on Thursday, May 17th. It’s going to be a fun show!

We’d like to congratulate all our finalists. Finalists should have received an email Wednesday afternoon (subject line: “You are a Spring Show Finalist!”) with details about preparing their files for final judging. For team projects, only the team member who first submitted the project was notified.

If your name is listed below, congratulations on making it to the next round! Please check your email for details.

  • Rachel Aiello
  • Veronica Alcocer
  • Ian Blackley
  • Eric Boheman
  • Rose Chabel
  • Daniel Cosgrove
  • Katie Del Vecchio
  • Lara Holleran
  • Sam Hultqvist
  • Bryan Jhung
  • Charlotte Jonsson
  • Hsiu Chi Kuo
  • Constance Lai
  • Rocky Le
  • Fangqi Li
  • Sandra Lind
  • Mindy Luo
  • Luke Meleski
  • Andrew Mikhael
  • Ida Moen
  • Paulo Olandez
  • Sarah Osolin
  • Yash Ramchandani
  • Johanna Rättzén
  • Tarence Sang
  • Renee Sarmiento
  • Jordan Seech
  • Camila Silva
  • Christiane Soderbom
  • Alexander Tombach
  • Nicholas Tran
  • Saniya Utegulova
  • Yanan Wang
  • Peter Westberg
  • Malgorzata Winkler


Ok, fine, due to popular demand we’re extending the Spring Show deadline by a few days. If you missed the deadline or need to make a few final edits, this is your last chance. Get those submissions in by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. Good luck!

Submit here:

What To Do This Weekend: SUBMIT TO SPRING SHOW

It’s time. Last weekend to get your submissions in!!