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Camp Bernbach / DDB Summer Internship


Adster people!
Below is an email I received from my pal Denise, who’s a recruiter at DDB. This is an awesome opportunity to do more than celebrate that weed is pretty much totally legal in a lot of states. If you’re here this summer and don’t apply for this one, then I wish you luck in your fast food career……srsly, why would you not do this?


Camp Bernbach at DDB SF is a one of a kind summer internship program designed to help aspiring ad women and men blaze trails in a real agency environment.


Great news! – You won’t be making coffee or copies!


Upon arrival, you’ll be assigned a camp counselor who will help you learn the ropes and make your three-month stay as epic as possible. Outside of your daily responsibilities, enjoy free breakfasts in the dining hall and activities like intramural sports and camp outings. The best part? No stuffy camp uniform. Just come as you are.

While there’s no guarantee of a full-time position once the program is over, you’ll have a stronger resume and the unique experience of working within DDB.

What will you receive?

· Salary: $15/hr (non-exempt)
· Hands-on experience working for notable brands.
· An opportunity to participate in agency learnings and final intern project.
· Assigned agency mentor (aka camp counselor), who will provide guidance, instruction, and leadership.
· Professional development opportunities to grow within future careers in advertising, marketing and communication industries.

Important Dates and Info:

The program begins Monday, June 1, 2020 and goes through Friday, August 21, 2020.

Application deadline: March 30, 2020

Apply at or directly to

ADV/WNM Potluck



You’ve worked hard all semester and now you’re almost done.

That can only mean one thing: TIME FOR A POTUCK!


The legendary Advertising and WNM potlucks have become synonymous with food, fun and a chance to stuff your face and relax before it’s all over . (Think Rome, circa 350 A.D.)

Stop by the 180 New Montgomery building, Fifth Floor Gallery this coming Wednesday, Dec 4, between 6:00 and 7:30 pm and bring a dish of food and a friend. (BTW: ­Great way to get rid of the last of the turkey!)


Mingle and munch, have some fun or just sit around and commiserate with fellow students over how much work you have to do by end of term. Either way, you’ll leave happier.


There’ll also be a peek behind the curtains of what ‘s happening at Young & Hungry – the School of Advertising’s, faculty led, student run creative agency…AKA, the class that everyone says you should take onacounta, you know… it’s like having your first job and getting class credit for it. (Also: you’ll learn a ton, while having a good time doing it.)


Please stop by Wojo’s office (530B) if you have questions and puhleeeeze…put a little more thought into your dish DuJour than a bag of Lays potato chips….PIE, for instance. (cherry, of course.)



Adsters! Rejoice! The One Club Creative Boot Camp is on for this Fall

True story, bro – The One Club Creative Bootcamp is happening October 1-4. Sign up A.S.A.P.! to make sure you lock down a spot.

in case you haven’t heard about the One Club Bootcamp – it’s a four day intensive creative jam-session where you’ll rub shoulders with Bay Area Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters and Strategists. They’ll mentor you and your team on how to make a great campaign and you’ll learn a ton of things about the industry, while developing your creative and strategic muscles. Oh– annnnnd…… free breakfast and lunch is included.

Last year we filled up fast and you can expect the same thing to happen again this time. Once were full, ‘there ain’t no room for slow-pokes” and you will be politely asked not to cry when you are turned away. But you, being the proactive go-getter that you are, won’t have to worry – because after reading this you’re going to go sign up by clicking on this link:

Let’s all admit it…Youth hostels smell funny.

Still deciding what to do this Summer? Instead of slack-packing your way around Europe, why not get a jumpstart on your career, so you can start staying in places without bunk beds and shared bathrooms?

Young & Hungry is a creative content agency that you can take as a class and apply all the new stuff you’ve learned in a professional agency environment. Yep, you got it– that means real clients with real deadlines. You’ll work on teams that include students from several majors and yep, you’ll gain a ton of experience developing professional level ideas and executions AND present them to the client directly.

Still not sure? There’s also our famous potlucks, free bottomless cups of too-strong coffee and not to mention – a funky, dedicated space that makes it feel like you’re going to work at a cool agency instead of a classroom. Oh ya, you’ll also get portfolio boosting work and an extra gold star to stick on your resume. Sound good? Sign up soon – Summer spots are filling up fast!

Cross listed as ADV 495 for undergrads and ADV 695 for grad students. Contact your advisor or Executive Creative Director, Jim Wojtowicz at for more info.




Deadline Extension: D&AD New Blood Awards 2019

We are extending the deadline to apply for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2019 competition to Friday, March 15, 2019 at 11:59pm. If you missed the deadline, this is your last chance to apply.

Check out the briefs here and submit your work through the School of Advertising Competition Entry Form if you would like the department to pay for the application fees. Good luck!

ADV+WNM Town Hall – Spring 2019

Join us on Thursday, March 14th at the Spring 2019 ADV+WNM Town Hall where we will be answering all your questions to get you started off on the right foot this semester.

Watch the Spring 2019 Town Hall online at:

Register for updates about the meeting here

Can’t attend? You can request a recording of the meeting here

If you have any issues accessing the online meeting room, please contact the Online Help Desk at or 1.888.431.ARTS 

Deadline Extension: One Club Young Ones 2019

We are extending the deadline to apply for the One Club Young Ones 2019 competition to Monday, March 4, 2019 at 11:59pm. If you missed the deadline, this is your last chance to apply.

Check out the briefs here and submit your work through the School of Advertising Competition Entry Form if you would like the department to pay for the application fees. Good luck!

Imagine a world with ALL WORKSHOPS CANCELLED

They are not cancelled. Yet.

But they will be if you don’t sign up.

*dun dun DUUUUN*

Sign up on the workshops wall near the 5th floor Admin office at 180 New Montgomery.

Seriously, SIGN. UP. TODAY.

Competition Due Dates

Competition season is officially upon us. Just remember: if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready 😉

Click here for submission form website

Accepting Submissions for One Club Young Ones 2019 Competition

We are officially accepting submissions for the One Club Young Ones 2019 competition! Check out the briefs here and submit your work through the School of Advertising Competition Entry Form if you would like the department to pay for the application fees. Good luck!