Bring us your tired concepts, your poor layouts, your huddled typography, yearning to be free

Full time faculty member Jim Wojtowicz, a.k.a. wojo, has taken on a new title at the AAU, School of Advertising. Starting this term he will be the new Associate Director of Art Direction and Industry Development. Other possible titles were,”Duke of making stuff look good and schmoozing”,”He who looks at work and nods appropriately” or “THE EYE”( like “The EDGE” from U2, but even more pretentious and famous only in certain parts of rural Indonesia). In the end, Associate Director of Art Direction and Industry Development is the one that stuck. Jim’s new title means you now have a go-to person for any questions you have regarding Art Direction or navigating the backroads of Bali. His office hours are on Mondays from 12-3 and Wednesdays from 3-6, or you can set up an appointment with him through email at


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