Young Glory – Soap Creative | Final Round

May Brief


Soap Creative

Submission Deadline:

May 31, 2013

Brief: Transaction Account

We’ve had some noble projects this season. Islam. Hurricanes. Babies.

But every now and then our job requires us to straight up sell stuff.

So for your final task, we want you to get us excited about banking.

This is your challenge:

Pick a transaction account (i.e. a ‘debit card’ or ‘everyday’ account) from any bank in the world. Then come up with a way to get more people taking up that transaction account… a lot more people.

Oh… and the client has just told you there is no budget to do anything above the line.

When judging we’ll put 50% weighting on the potential of your idea to truly generate more customers – and 50% on how creative your thinking is.

We aren’t experts on every transaction account in the world. So give us some context around your chosen market, product and bank in your setup. This should help us understand why your idea works by the end of your proposal.

P.S. We’re looking to fill more creative seats at Soap. If you’re interested in joining the second toughest digital agency in the world, this brief is your chance to show us what you got.


Please note: If you wish to submit to Young Glory, your work must be emailed to Dallas Augustine, AAU ADV Administrator, at in the following format:

URL: (Note that ALL WORK must be submitted using a URLNO FILE ATTACHMENTS PERMITTED.)
Team Name:
Full Names of all Team Members:

More information about the competition here.


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