COMPETITION: Young Glory April Brief

Young Glory April Brief: Make More Babies, Please

Singapore has been grappling with the issue of low birth rates for many years now. This, coupled with the increase in the elderly population, we are now facing one of the biggest challenges to economic growth and sustainability.

This is a complex issue which plagues not only Singapore but also matured economies globally. We may not be able to do anything to prevent the rapidly aging population but what we can do is to encourage higher birth rates.

Many married couples are not having kids or are not having enough because of a myriad of reasons such as the high cost of living, burden of supporting the elderly and career-first mindsets. What can we do to change their perceptions?

Your brief: Encourage Singapore, Asia or even the World to make more babies.

Choice of Media: A poster, a social movement, a music video on the merits of having babies etc

Media coverage of this issue:

Please note: If you wish to submit to Young Glory, your work must be emailed to Dallas Augustine, AAU ADV Administrator, at in the following format:

URL: (Note that ALL WORK must be submitted using a URLNO FILE ATTACHMENTS PERMITTED.)
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