Competition: Samsung Galaxy (ends 11/19)

Looking for things to do outside of class??? Get going. You could even win money.

Tired of slow glitchy bite-size media experiences on other tablets or laptops? Welcome to the future of tablet computing; The Samsung Galaxy Tab. Running Google Android 2.2, the Galaxy Tab is a powerful, sleek, must-have device, featuring a host of features designed to allow you to realize the full possibilities of entertainment on- the-go.

From impromptu media-snacking to catching the latest full-length feature online, the Galaxy Tab has the speed and the resolution to satisfy all appetites. The 7” screen size allows you to easily carry it in a coat pocket or purse and enables usage on the move. It has everything you expect from a tablet plus front and rear-facing camera for video chat and is flash enabled for great gaming and a desktop web experience

So, whether you are reading an e-zine or e-book checking out the Samsung Media Hub or updating your status at our social media hub, the Galaxy Tab is designed for you.

This competition has 2 new ways to win cash prizes! See below for details about the Early Entry Prize and the Sharing Prize.

The Galaxy Tab transforms the entertainment experience; whether it is reading, watching a movie or social media sharing.

We are looking for videos, print and banner ads that answer the question, if you had a Galaxy Tab, what creative things would you use it for?

Hold a film festival, in the palm of your hand. Read all the great works while navigating a walk across the country. Make a video and share it with all of your friends around the world.

Use your imagination. You do not need to be literal, you can just be inspired.

What should the ads be like?

Up and above everything, the ads you make should be ads you would want to share, ads that if you saw them, would make you want to take a second look; ads you would pass on to friends. We are looking for ads that make you want to laugh out loud, or stop and think, or make you want to run out and buy a Galaxy Tab or all three.

So, your ads should be imaginative, funny, and passionate about entertainment and show how the Galaxy Tab enhances life. And the tone should reflect the brand: Optimistic in nature; Contemporary in style; Imaginative in outlook; Passionate in pursuit. To find out more check out the wealth of information to be found at

Videos should be no longer than 60 seconds.

To show the Galaxy Tab, you can use image assets on the Zooppa site or use online assets available here.

Target Audience

The “Digitally Active” aged 18-34; median age 29 (55% Male/45% Female), lead busy lives in a world without prescribed boundaries. The lines have blurred between work and play, resulting in a move away from the 9-5 grind toward a charged life that is 24/7. They subscribe to the idea of ‘anywhere access’, being connected and productive as needed…whenever and wherever.

Technology enables the “Digitally Active” to optimize his/her life. It is a bridge – a way of constantly being connected to the world, their social network and their interests/activities. It transforms life as we currently know it – speeding things up, doing more, making things easier…and, ultimately, making it more rewarding.

The final ads will be used on branded Social Media Sites (Facebook, YouTube), TV, Online Banners, Brand Website.

Early Video Prize

The Early Video Prize of $5,000 will be judged for videos submitted on or before October 30th 2010 at 4pm Pacific time. Please note – videos submitted for the early prize will also be eligible for the grand prizes at the end of the competition on November 19th 2010.

Sharing Sweepstakes

To enable everyone to participate in this campaign, we are incentivizing everyone to share. All you need to do is share your favorite Samsung videos, prints or banners, or share the contest itself, with five people to be eligible for a $5,000 prize drawing. The sharing prize contest will be open until December 31st 2010. US Residents 18 years old and up are eligible to qualify for the Sharing Prize (the rest of the Samsung contest prizes are open to international competitors). You don’t need to be a Zooppa member to participate.

Again, read the fine print and have fun

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