COMPETITIONS: Deadlines & Details

Web Font Awards*
If you have designed a website that uses Web fonts, enter the Web Font Awards for your shot at bragging rights, publicity, and cash and prizes. The Web Font Awards is the first ceremony to celebrate the newfound typographic freedom that Web designers are experiencing across the globe. Aimed at promoting Web font awareness and adoption, the Web Font Awards is open to eligible users of any Web font service or technology that uses an @font-face declaration.
Deadline: November 7, 2010
Website: WFA <>

Print + HOW Present Color in Design Awards sponsored by Pantone®*

Entries will be judged on color-focused criteria, including: how the color palette (whether one or multiple colors) enhances the design and how colors used in the piece add to the impact of the design and help to communicate the intended message. Judges will also be looking for innovative color combinations and bold use of color that add to the works appeal. Winners will be featured in both HOW and Print magazines as well as their websites, the Pantone website, and celebrated in a newly created online Color in Design Collection, which will include details about the project, a link to your website, and a brief profile. Winning designs will be seen by one of the largest audiences of creative professionals ever!
Deadline: November 16, 2010
Website: Color Awards <>

Rockport Publishers – Inside the World of Board Graphics – Skate, Surf, Snow*
Any design/art that is on a surfboard, skateboard, or snowboard. Manufactured designs as well as one-offs are all welcome. The art must exist on a ride-able board. There is no entry fee.
Deadline: November 15, 2010
Rockport <>

International Design Awards*
The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design.
IDA aspires to draw attention to the iconoclasm of designer world wide. Conceptualizing and producing smart solutions to design problems. IDA is a rare and multidisciplinary by design: We align designers internationally with Cross-Disciplinary inspiration and dialogue. IDA competition is open to professional and student designer internationally.
Deadline: December 1, 2010
IDA <>

Graphic Design USA: American Package Design Awards*
Marketers are challenged as never before to convey their message and promote their brand in an era of fragmented audiences, global competition and tight budgets. Package design and its related disciplines are increasingly the difference makers in the purchasing decision. This competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to advance the brand and forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth. Winners receive an embossed Certificate of Excellence for each piece selected and become eligible for reproduction in the GDUSA American Package Design Awards Annual that appears March 2011 in print and online, seen by 100,000+ graphics, marketing and business decisionmakers.
Deadline: December 10, 2010
Website: GD USA <>

Graphis Advertising Journal Americas*
In this premier edition of Graphis Advertising Journal we will present up to 1,000 entries from the top professionals and agencies in the Americas, which comprises North America, South America and all associated islands and regions. All entries not selected for publication will be presented on the Graphis website organized by our judges votes and their geographic origins.
Deadline: January 6, 2011
Website: Graphis <>

Graphis Photography Journal Americas*
In this premier edition of Graphis Photography Journal we will present up to 1,000 entries from the top photographers in the Americas, which comprises North America, South America and all associated islands and regions. All entries not selected for publication will be presented on the Graphis website organized by our judges votes and their geographic origins
Deadline: January 6, 2011
Website: Graphis <>

Communication Arts – Illustration Competition*
Evocative illustration from editorial, advertising, institutional, for sale and unpublished categories makes its way into this influential illustration competition. Hundreds of award-winning images are selected for their creative excellence by an esteemed jury of designers and art directors.
Deadline: January 7, 2011
Communication Arts <>

Metropolis Next Generation Awards*
Metropolis saw the need for a new type of competition, one that went beyond the usual beauty pageants for finished projects, a competition that would generate and reward ideas. Metropolis celebrates the next generation by rewarding imaginative young designers, be they employed by large companies, those striving with their own young firms or on their own, as well as students. For 2011 we are asking for a Zero Environmental Footprint for a GSA building. We challenge you to think about how we work, what we use, how we get where we need to go, hidden costs to our pocketbooks and the environment, across the whole design spectrum. Focus on one area that needs fixingproducts, interiors, buildings, landscape, communication systems, or anything else you can imagineand develop your idea fully, or develop a whole system of fixes.
Deadline: January 7, 2011
Metropolis <> <> <>

Art Directors Club Awards

All entries, excluding those in the Playground and Design Sphere categories, must have been printed, published, aired, or broadcast live online for the first time between February 8, 2010 and February 6, 2011, in any country. Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the work. Students currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration, and new media are eligible for the competition, and are invited to submit published or unpublished work in any category except the Hybrid, Design Sphere and Playground categories. Student work will be judged separately but by the same criteria and juries as professional work. All student winners will be included in the Art Directors Annual 90. Higher award winners (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be included in the New York and traveling exhibitions and in related advertising and promotional materials.
AAU Student Deadline: January 21, 2011
Website: ADC <>

*Contest entry not managed by School of Advertising, please feel free to enter on your own.


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