Copy and Coffee, Wednesdays at 10am

Words can be powerful. Words have the ability to build regimes. They

can tear down walls or build them up. They can break barriers, ice, and

even hearts. Words have the power to create allegiances and declare

wars. A lone whisper can shatter a silence the way a stern speech can

move mountains. Sonorous sounding syllables satisfy swiftly, succinctly

serenading serene psyches. Salamander.

Articulate words can express a single idea, while a single word can

embody an entire doctrine. Without words, you—we wouldn’t exist. So

embrace the unyielding awesomeness that is narrative, debate, lecture,

or just plain conversation. And maybe get your caffeine fix, too.

Join us for

Copy and Coffee 

(art directors and strategists welcome).

Wednesdays at 10 A.M.  

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Poster design: Alex Basa (edited to add: March 3)




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