Copy & Coffee

A handful of copywriters started meeting weekly this summer over breakfast. The goal was simply getting together as writers, talking about whatever caught our interest, sharing ideas and tips.
As students, you all know the faculty but you don’t know each other. Some are grad students. Others undergrad. Some almost finished. Others still in the first half of the program.
It seems silly that you could be in the elevator together and not realize what you have in common. How one person’s experience could help another. And so on.
The casual get together format seems to work so we’re ready to make it semi-official and open it to any writer who wants to show up. Order your coffee (and/or food) then join us at a table.
8:30-ish to 9:30 (yes, morning)
La Boulange
222 Sutter St, near Kearny

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  1. Tim Murakami

    Woot! Networking! It’s like casual office hours with more people!


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