D&AD Entries due March 9th @ 8am PST: 4pm GMT

Only 20 Entries will be accepted for payment by the school.

ALL D&AD Entries for the 2012 competition must be submitted to the D&AD Site March 9th. @ 8am

( NO LIE, 4pm in London=8am here SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY) AND the ADV OFFICE by 5pm

PAYMENT OF ENTRIES will be made by the school of Advertising ONLY if you email adv.entries@gmail.com with the following.

  • Your name & team members names
  • Tutor (Instructor)
  • Brief you worked on.

If you fail to do the above, you’re entry WILL NOT BE PAID for by the ACADEMY.

Before you create an entry:

  • Download the relevant brief.
  • Download the rules and formatting guidelines.
  • Make sure your tutor is registered on the site. (tell your instructors, because this is SUPER IMPORTANT)

If you’re entering as a team:

  • All members of your team need to be registered on the site.
  • Choose one team member to co-ordinate and complete the entry online.

To enter:

  1. Login.
  2. Select “STUDENT AWARD ENTRY” on the TOP LEFT of the home page at DandAD.org
  3. Click ‘Create new entry’ below and follow the steps to create your entry and arrange payment.
  4. Use your portfolio to upload entry files into ‘projects’.
  5. Assign a project from your portfolio to your entry by clicking ‘FILES^’ below.
  6. For any supporting material to be sent by post, print off labels .
  7. Prepare them for shipping and drop off at the ADV OFFICE by 4pm on March 9th.

Download a detailed step-by-step guide here.



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