D&AD Entry Information

The deadline for D&AD entries for ONLY the briefs below is TODAY. If you do not have an physical pieces to enter, you only need to upload and complete the entry process ONLINE at their site. If you do have physical pieces that need to be sent to the UK, they must be in our office by end of day today. (5pm)


DO NOT send me your electronic files. AFTER you submit your files to them, I will request being added as a tutor to your entry, this way i can elect to pay for it. I will email you once I begin this process.

The following briefs have a deadline of today:

Advertising – Aviva
Animation – Disney
Brand Communications – Microsoft (Internet Explorer 9)
Illustration – Diesel
Integrated Communication – McDonalds
Moving Image – HSBC
Open Advertising – Oxfam
Packaging Design – The Body Shop
Photography – Bloomberg
Typography – Microsoft (Windows Phone)
What else do you do? – D&AD

Writing for Advertising – D&AD



You have until Monday, 2/28 at 5pm to complete the one show entry registration (online) and submit any deliverables to me.

To enter, email me your name, student ID and project title and instructors name.  I will then email you the login info for you to submit through the school.

Only those who email me by 3pm on Monday 2/28 will be eligible for the school to pay for the entry.

Thanks and good luck. Dana

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  1. Dana Hollis

    No, add your tutor. So they get credit.

    I will go in an say i will pay for it.

    It’s that simple.

    If you notify me of your entry before the deadline, then you’re fine.


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