FAQ’s School of Advertising

How do I contact the dept. ?

Phone: 415-618-6101

Email: dhollis@academyart.edu or advertising@academyart.edu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aauadv

How do I make an appointment with a Director?

Call the dept. Varsha or Dana would be happy to set something up. (Melinda only holds drop in hours. No appointments)

How do I contact the Directors or Full Time Faculty?
Call the dept and we will track them down. Or email them at the info below:

Melinda Mettler: Director, School of Advertising (Art Direction) mmettler@academyart.edu
Mark Edwards, Assoc. Dir., Copywriting
Cameron Maddux, Assoc. Dir., Account Planning
Jon Clifton, FT Faculty
David Wong, FT Faculty

How do I get a hold of my instructor?
Usually instructors give out their emails during the first session, if you still need to track them down at some point email or call the ADV office, we’ll get you in touch some how.

Is there a Student Club?

AAU Federalist. Become a fan on facebook for all the important info and social happenings in the department.
www.facebook.com search for AAU Federalists (or find them on the dept. facebook page)


What is Student Self Service?
It’s your window into your presence here at AAU. You can update your contact information, find out who your advisor is and see any important notifications such as money due, graduate info etc.
select student self service on the right hand side

Where is my syllabus and what is the OnCampus Course Homepage?
Here you can download your syllabus, check your grades etc.
For a brief video on what I am talking about, click here.

I need to find out what time the shuttle comes?
The first floor lobby has a computer dedicated to the shuttle schedule. If you are not in the building, simply visit my.academyart.edu and select Shuttle Schedule from the right hand side or click here.

What class am I in?
Visit Student Self Service and view your schedule.

What supplies/books do I need?
Visit the course home page (instructions above) and follow the links to supplies/required reading. Also visit my.academyart.edu and click utrecht on the right hand side.

When do workshops begin and when are they?
Workshops begin Week 3 and run through Week 13.
The workshop schedule is:

WKSP 1(Flash)
180 New Montgomery (NM)- Room: 530- Time:7:9:50pm

WKSP 2 (Copywriting)
60 Federal-Room 550-3:00-4:00pm

WKSP 3 (Flash)
180NM- Room TBD- 7-9:50pm

WKSP 4 (Computers)
180NM- Room 823- 7-9:50pm


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