FOR REAL??? ONLY One (1) Student Followed Directions: D&AD Entries

D&AD Entries due March 9th @ 8am PST: 4pm GMT

Only 20 Entries will be accepted for payment by the school.

ALL D&AD Entries for the 2012 competition must be submitted to the D&AD Site March 9th. @ 9am

( NO LIE, 5pm in London=8am here SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY) AND the ADV OFFICE by 5pm

PAYMENT OF ENTRIES will be made by the school of Advertising ONLY if you email with the following.

  • Your name & team members names
  • Tutor (Instructor)
  • Brief you worked on.

If you fail to do the above, you’re entry WILL NOT BE PAID for by the ACADEMY.


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