Great Opportunity: ALT-X 2016

As an Academy of Art ADV student, you’re invited to get in on the ground floor of a new global competition. ALT+X is an annual challenge that connects the creative minds who will change the world, with technology that will do the same, under the supervision of a world-class jury. Representatives include people from Google, Facebook, and Spotify, to name a few, and our prizes are pretty sweet as well.

It is a unique challenge: make something brand new familiar—let the world know about the startup. The startup client of this year’s ALT+X is Stilla, a button-sized security system for your anythings.

Just like in the world of startups, the key is to work smart and to work fast. Deadline is May 3 12:00:00 PM PST.

Full information and brief will be available at April 20.


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