Internship Opportunities at Free Range Puppies



Our good friends at Free Range Puppies have several internship opportunities available.

“We are looking for:

1. A photographer who is passionate about human rights portraiture.

2. Writer– one needs to transcribe interviews, piece the interview in a narrative that is compelling and will do justice to the personal story. The writer if wishes can accompany me to conduct interviews or be present during my visit to the non-profit homeless outreach organizations.

3. Strategist– We are growing our platform on Medium. So looking for somebody who is keen on research on building database of followers, study and analyze tactics to grow followers on Medium, help us work our social media presence online. Also we are fundraising for the film. It will be great to have a strategist who can assist on coming up with creative ideas for pitching to potential donors.

Right now our main focus is the trans-media project titled ‘Stories Behind The Fog.’ We are compiling 100 stories of those effected by homelessness in the bay area. Our impetus is to inspire storytellers to take these stories further in any form of art. It will be published in a book next year and all collaborators will get due credits in the book. The book will be released along side our documentary Moses. 

Currently we are working with LLABUILD, Downtown Streets Team, Lava MAe, Gubbuio Church, Hamilton Family Center, Faithful Fools, North Beach Citizens, Episcopal Church- Chef’s program. “

For more information or to apply, please contact Diya at 



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