Job Opportunity — Inequality Media

Inequality Media is seeking a freelance motion designer/editor ($45/hour) with both an animation and editing skillset to create short videos for our social media platforms. This would be on a video by video basis, but they are looking for someone interested in working with Inequality Media on a regular basis. Videos are scripted and researched and usually end up between 2-4 minutes.
This is the personality and skillset they’re ideally hiring:
  • Cares about politics and economics
  • A Jedi with motion graphics (generating cool graphs, maps, tables, scenes, etc.)
  • A solid editor (pacing, basic color, sound design and mixing etc.)
  • Can take creative license to determine what graphics/archival are needed to support the video and make it more entertaining
  • Available to do about 1-2 videos per month (typically about 4-5 days work/ea.)
  • Must be reliable and meet agreed upon deadlines


Here are some examples of their work:

It’s Up to You (Reich Drawing Style) :

The Next Crash :


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