Language Support Labs are here to help!



If you need extra help with any of your classes, check out the Language Support Lab:

  • Unique support option offers one-on-one language support (by appointment or drop-in) to both domestic & international students in nearly all departments
  • Tutors specialize in course content by department:
      1. Understanding course content or materials
      2. Cultural aspects of classes or projects
      3. Midpoint or Final Review proposals or presentations
      4. Final projects or graduate thesis
      5. Class presentations or critique participation
      6. Content-specific writing assistance
      7. Research and concept development for projects
      8. Resumes, internships, job interviews
  • Domestic students and undergraduates also welcome
  • Tutors and locations vary according to major
  • Limited labs in summer; not all departments supported by labs


Acuity Scheduling link:

  • Students should attend workshops (offered through the academic departments, not ARC) for help with the art and design or technical aspects of their classes, including software


Spring 2020

Monday, 2/03/20 to Saturday, 5/23/20 – No classes or labs on Sunday, 3/22/20 through Saturday, 3/28/20 (Spring Break)

Language Support Lab

Monday, 2/17/20 (Week #3) through Friday, 5/15/20 (Week #14)


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