MEET YOUR BFA & MFA Student Reps…

By now, you should all be familiar with the AAU Federalist (the ADV Student run club), but did you know there are also 3 awesome students who have been chosen to be your student reps to the University. I bet you didn’t. With that, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you your 3 Student Representatives for Fall 2009 and beyond….

BFA Student Representative:
Fanny Reuterswärd, Account Planning

Fanny is originally from Sweden and attended the often admired Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. She is totally eager and willing to help you guys in anyway possible, so just drop her a line at:

MFA Student Representative:
Andy Wright, Copywriting

Andy’s last name is actually Flautt, but he goes by Wright. He is originally from the Bay Area and got his undergrad in Film & Digital Media Production from UC Santa Cruz. He rides a kick ass motorcycle and can often be seen around 60 Federal showing up to class on the wrong day. 😉 He’s got amazing insights on this school and is not afraid to tell the administration what he thinks. He really wants to hear from you guys, so drop him a line at:

BFA Student Representative:
Paul Landholdt, Emphasis TBD
(i think it’s Planning, but may be Art Direction)

Paul has been your BFA student rep for two semesters and he’s loving his position. Paul is also a Bay Area native and is in his second year of studies here at the Academy. Paul’s super outgoing and has an awesome sense of humor. Send him a note and see for yourself how helpful and friendly he really is at:


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