One Club Student Competition Workshop

The One Club student competition is one of the most recognized in the industry. On Thursdays at 3pm, at 700 Montgomery, Wojo will be hosting a workshop to help develop your entries. The deadline is March 2, so there is is a fair amount of time to knock out some awesome work and win a pencil. At the same time, keep in mind a month goes by pretty quick around here so you need to get on this ASAP – translation: THIS THURSDAY.
BTW – winning a gold, silver or bronze pencil means not only a free trip to New York and a pat on the back from your momma, it means Creative Directors from around the country will be shaking your hand at the award show and a lot of them are looking for new talent (hint, hint). Show up early – first come, first served. You can come by yourself and maybe join a team, but it’s suggested that you come with a pre-formed team if possible. There will be plenty-o free coffee, to help fire up your moneymaker.


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