School of Advertising Pot Luck Draws Thousands

More than eight thousand students filled the third floor of 410 Bush Tuesday night, February third and ate food from around the world at the AAU School of Advertising, New Term Kick-Off Pot Luck Dinner. The event, which happens every term, is a way to meet fellow students and build department pride. Throngs of students arrived early, setting up tents on the sidewalk on Monday, reminiscent of the day before a “Free 42″ Flat Screen TV with every purchase!” Black Friday sale. The crowd enjoyed hand cooked delicacies brought by fellow students and most were able to see the red and white fireworks over the Golden Gate Bridge while on board one of the 70 helicopters provided by AAU. Most were back before the foam machine and temporary water slide were closed down by several San Francisco S.W.A.T. teams, called in by the Mayor to restore order. Fortunately, this was after Taylor Swift played a set of music and after the bags of 100 dollar bills were handed out to all attendees. The raffle of three Porsches at the beginning of the event was said to set the upbeat mood for the rest of the night. In the end, even those who came later and missed most events and were only able to meet Dan Wieden, Lee Clow or Abraham Lincoln (who rose from the dead to enjoy Phuong Nguyen’s vietnamese rolls), considered the event a success. The End of Term Pot Luck happening in May promises to be equally, if not more thrilling and even more students are expected to turn out.


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