Eat. Breathe. Sleep advertising. Repeat.

And sometimes get in a shower… if you’re lucky. Such is the life of an advertising student. I know, I once was one.

Everyone is furiously working towards the same two goals– 1) put together a killer book to 2) ultimately land that job that is going to someday afford you the opportunity to do amazing work. And if you land yourself some shiny trophies once you get that job, well that’s just the sprinkles on your cupcake!


So how are you going to get to this killer job and get seen by ad Gods and Goddesses like Lee Clow and Charlotte Moore? Having a solid portfolio is definitely the first step. The next crucial step is to go where they are looking for new talent!


Have you heard of Shocase? If you haven’t, you definitely should. It’s the new place for creatives to connect, see what’s going on in the world of advertising, design, social media and all of marketing. And best of all…it’s a FREE place for you to put up your entire portfolio so creative directors can check you out!


Shocase is also a great resource for inspiration. I remember going to the bookstore with my friends and spending hours upon hours flipping through ad and design annuals back when I went to school. I only wish something like this existed. Now it does.


I went to a different portfolio school, but also taught at The Academy of Art University. This is the first school I am reaching out to, so this means you have the first opportunity to get on Shocase and show these creative directors who you are and what you’ve got. There’s a heck of a lot of talent at The Academy of Art University. I know!


So whether you’re about to graduate soon, looking for an internship or just starting out, this is the perfect way to get seen by the people who can really make an impact on your career.


If you have any questions about Shocase or even if anything else pops up in the world of advertising, I’m happy to help. I’ve been there too. I’ve couch surfed while looking for jobs after graduating, moved across country to work at my first ad agency and slaved away at my book until it was perfect. I’ve been there. Done that. And I probably did it again. And again. And again. Reach out. Seriously. And connect with me on Shocase.


In the meantime, I can’t wait to check out your exciting new projects!  Join Shocase here.



-Debra Carney

Director of Marketing, Shocase


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