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The rumors are all true. Young & Hungry Creative Lab is happy to announce two new long term projects with Red Bull and the Chinese Historical Society! Yes, we know, we’re kind of a big deal now.

Y&H will work with the Chinese Historical Society on their immersive Bruce Lee exhibit in SF. The exhibit celebrates the remarkable life of the Chinese American icon who transcended race, geography, and culture through uncanny strength and resilience. The exhibit plans to open in Fall 2021, and you can check out their website.

For at least the next three semesters, Y&H will help promote Red Bull’s new Esports initiative “Red Bull XP”. The brand has always encouraged chasing your dreams. Now, through a wide range of workshops, mentorships, and other training opportunities, Red Bull XP aims to inspire and enable Millennials and Gen Z’rs to break into the Esports industry, as either a professional player or in one of the many different aspects of game development.

You’ll collaborate with students from a wide range of majors, develop mad brainstorming chops, sharpen your pitch skills by presenting to real client reps, and crank out some outstanding work for your portfolio. Our professional exposure while still in a learning environment will give you a definite advantage when you enter the industry.

Sign up for Young & Hungry today and become part of this exciting project that features a globally recognized brand and explores the massively expanding Esports industry!

Open to all majors. Email your advisor to enroll in ADV 498/695.


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