Sketchbook Workshop Type of Thing

Never in the history of humankind has there been such an enlightening and fulfilling event.

Beginning this Tuesday September 15, 2015, join Jim Wojo, head of Art Direction at the School of Advertising, as he reveals all or at least some of the secrets of the universe. Including:
• Why is there no mouse flavored cat food?
• Why is the word abbreviation so long?
• How come Tarzan never has a beard?
Also, we will make cool sketchbooks that will help you be a more creative ummm……creative. Sketchbooks are a tried and true way to develop your personal aesthetic, beef up your observation skills and grow  as an artist. Also, they will make you become a kinder, gentler more lovable son or daughter (kidding–that one’s on you.)
Bring a blank sketchbook and an open mind and leave with a heavier, not-blank sketchbook and a fistful of ideas on how to be a pop-culture alchemist. Ohhh… there will be fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

When: Tuesdays 4-6

Where : That big room across from the elevator on the third floor at 410 Bush

Why: You are worthless and weak and this will make you genius and strong, and people you don’t know will compliment you.

Sketchbook Workshop


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