Welcome Back! Or Welcome (if this is your first semester)

Lots and lots happening. New Directors…Obviously the remodel… Lots of competitions this semester.
  1. the Art Director’s Club…. yes that’s right you can still submit through Friday, February 26th by 12pm (please)
  2. D& AD (the briefs you’ve been working off of, hopefully) is due to our office by March 5th at 12pm
  3. Most important the 2010 Spring Show Details on deadline and instructions etc will be sent later. For now, start planning and brainstorming and revisiting all your awesome ideas.
  4. Roland is committed to making your work stand out amongst not only the other departments here, but other universities from around the globe. Come by on WEDNESDAYS from 12p-2p to refine your work and get it ready for the spring show etc.
As always, questions, answers. appointments, scheduling etc. Contact Dana or Varsha 415-618-6101
Slightly related, but super important is the SPRING PARTY.

Remember how cool the Tonga Room was last year, with the nifty flask invites etc.

WELL. Now’s your time to weigh in.

Help find a venue for this year. Is there anywhere you’ve been lately that you thought “WOW, i’d love to throw a party here!”???

Let Dana know and let’s see how great we can make the party this year.


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