UPDATED Spring Show 2014: Call for Entries


You’ve worked hard all school year, creating campaigns for classes and competitions. Now it is time to show your classmates, the AAU community, and the Advertising Industry what you’re made of. It is time for the Spring Show. SUBMISSION section updated April 3. Read carefully.

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by April 15th at 7 P.M. Pacific time. NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Work entered must have been created between the Spring 2013 – Spring 2014 semesters and has not appeared in the Spring Show previously
  • Maximum number of entries is 5 campaigns (or 15 pieces) per student.
  • Maximum number does not include entries that are selected by your instructors. (Limit of 3 campaigns applies to Seniors)
  • You are required to enter all entry credit information at the ADV Spring Show Submission website http://tinyurl.com/advcredits2014
  • You may enter more than one name for Art Director/Copywriter/Strategist credits.
  • Please follow these instructions exactly or your submission(s) may be disqualified.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards will be given in each category depending on judge’s decisions. Judges may reallocate entries to an appropriate category if necessary. A Best of Show will be awarded as the judge’s top choice for the year. Winners will be chosen from the undergrad and graduate programs.



1. Video/Film:

1A. TV Commercials :15, :30 or :60 lengths

1B. Video Content for the Web Any length

1C. TV Promo’s/Movie Trailers Any length

1D. Music Videos Any length

1E. Motion Graphics/Titles Any length

1F. Video Campaigns: Three or more entries for the same product or idea

1G. Experimental Video Content: Any length

2. Print:

2A. Single Page Consumer B&W or  color

2B. Double Page Consumer Spread B&W or color

2C. Multi-page B&W or color

2D. B2B Print Any size, B&W or color

2E. Posters Includes all OOH (outdoor)

 3. Case Studies:

3A. Video Case Studies Any length

3B. Print Case Studies Any length

3C. Experimental Any print work not covered in the above categories including packaging

 4. Digital:

4A. Display Any size, including page takeovers

4B. Motion Graphics for The Web Any length

4C. Web Site Design Includes landing pages

4D. Apps Show functionality

4E. Experimental Any digital work not covered in the above categories.

5. Radio :30/:60/:90  in length, free form audio any length, submit as video with brand/”title”/length as title card for duration

6. Ambient Media Must be shown in environment

7. Editorial Design Design and copy for editorial publications both digital and print

8. Personal Branding Includes personal web sites, identity, promotion, and printed books

9. Copywriting Entry is judged for copywriting only

10. Art Direction/Design Entry is judged on design and art direction only

11. Integrated Campaign



In order to streamline the process we now will be taking all student work for the Spring Show in digital form only.
  • Enter the credits for your entry at http://tinyurl.com/advcredits2014
  • For all Video entries (commercials, films, case studies, radio, etc.), please post at vimeo.com and provide links in the Live URL field of the credits form
  • For Digital entries, please provide links in the Live URL field of the credits form
  • For Print (and most other submissions) send an email to Jessica  jenrique@academyart.edu and attach a low-res PDF, 5MB maximum
  • Any three-dimensional work (packaging, sculptures, etc.) should be photographed and submitted as Print; actual pieces can be dropped off at ADV reception on the 410 Bush, 3rd floor 
  • If your work is selected, you will be notified at the email provided on the credits form.
  • You will be asked to submit higher resolution files and/or printed pieces—be ready

 YOU MUST ENTER YOUR CREDITS AT http://tinyurl.com/advcredits2014



Does it have to be work done in AAU classes?

NO. We certainly welcome any projects you have not completed in a class and on your own time. It must have been created for your use and not that of paid client. No agency work. Just stuff you personally did to benefit yourself.  If needed, simply write “independent project” in the credit entry screen under Course and instructor fields.

Since you can submit multiple names to a piece, would my copywriter and I submit the same piece? or Just one of us?

Just one person submits the campaign and credits both of you. The other team mate should NOT enter the same campaign. This will also increase the amount of campaigns you have worked on  being submitted for judging.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please contact the ADV Department Assistant, Jessica Enrique,  jenrique@academyart.edu or 415 618 6101.


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