Updated: Spring Show 2015 Reel Submissions

If you received notice that your electronic work (TV, radio, interactive, etc.) has been accepted into the Spring Show, you must prepare a credit screen and submit a JPEG along with your actual video file. Use this PSD file.

Follow these instructions exactly.

1. Insert your client name and title of piece. Leave quotations around title.

2. Insert name of art director

3. Insert name of copywriter

4. Insert name of strategist if appropriate (may use for additional titles)

5. Insert name of instructor

6. Save for Web…, use Very High, Quality 80

7. Name file as “Client_Title_Credits.jpg”

8. email to advertising@academyart.edu

If you submitted a link from a video sharing site such as Vimeo or YouTube for the judging, you must provide your actual video file so we can build a reel for the Show. Your video file must be:

-HD 1080p or 720p
-H.264 codec
-.mp4 format

You must follow all of these instructions if you want your your work to appear in the Spring Show.


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