Spring Show Finalists Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work for Spring Show. There was a lot of great work, the judges had a lot of tough choices to make. Mark your calendar for Spring Show opening night on Thursday, May 18th. It’s going to be a great show!

We’d like to congratulate all our finalists. Finalists should have received an email within the last few days with details about preparing their files for inclusion in the show. For team projects, only the team member who first submitted the project was notified.

If your name is listed below, congratulations! Please check your email for details (and be sure to let your team know, as well).

  • Vendela Angek
  • Alex Basa
  • Ian Blackley
  • Visarnpong Chateakcharoen
  • Jinsung Choi
  • Lovis Davidsson
  • Jacob Galli
  • Jane Goodwin-Bell
  • Sheila Guo
  • Amelia Hamdja
  • Lara Holleran
  • Meiko Ito
  • Bryan Jhung
  • Ei Kakiuchi
  • Constance Lai
  • Joey Larson
  • Xiang Li
  • Alfin Lian bin Zulkarnain
  • Lauren MacNeil
  • Jonath Mathew
  • Jens Munkeby
  • Cullen Newsome
  • Eric Park
  • Gustavo Romero
  • Malin Seijboldt
  • Daisy Serafini
  • Kabrina Speakman
  • Alexander Tombach
  • Viktor Torbjornsen
  • Jenny Truong
  • Tzu-Yun Wang
  • Yoshica Winata
  • Sehee Yang

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