Spring Show Winners 2018

Congrats to everyone that made it into the 2018 Spring Show this year and to those that won an award! Here are the winners for 2018:


Best in show: Bose — Andrew Mikhael


Single Media:

Gold: Talk to US — Hsiu Chi Kuo, Wei Wang

Silver: Superdry — Paulo Antonio Olandez

Bronze: Tideline — Sandra Lind


Integrated Campaign:

Gold: Visit Norway — Ida Moen

Gold: Converse — Yash Ram

Silver: E-Sports — Jack Lundstedt Titi, Camila Silva, Markus Amnegard, Axel Andersson and team

Silver: Expedia — Christiane Soderbom, Nicholas Tran

Bronze: Premier Protein — Johanna Granlund, Ian Blackley, Gaelan Mundorff, Fredrik Svensson, Lavinia Lurvink, Alexander Elmfeldt, Austin Esposito

Bronze: Muji — Rocky Le, Siyun Tian, Ian Blackley


Check out the rest of the great work displayed in the 2018 Spring Show.



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