Students Win in Sony’s Xperia Film Fest!


On Wednesday, August 14th, two of Advertising’s students participated in Sony’s Xperia Film Festival. Having partnered with the Academy of Art, it was a great opportunity for students to showcase their vision and talent. “The Fisherman” by Frans Ahlberg and “Wonder” by Aron Ramstedt were among the top twenty-five selected films.

“Wonder” was awarded an honorable mention, and featured snippets of videos taken throughout the city. Ramstedt’s chief inspiration came from the streets of San Francisco, illustrating his perspective and how it has changed since he first arrived here from Sweden. “The Fisherman” was awarded a grand prize of ten thousand dollars, wherein Ahlberg used beautiful footage to reflect the thoughts of fishermen he met while traveling across several European countries.


Congratulations to these talented students, and thank you to everyone who voted. To watch the films, click on the link below:



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