Summer Copy Internship in-house at Apple

The summer internship at Apple gives hands on experience on what it’s like to work on the client side of advertising. As a part of the in-house agency you’ll have the chance to write customer-facing copy for some of the worlds most popular products. You’ll work side by side people with years of experience, and usually with tons of connections in agencies all around the Bay Area. Apple hires hundreds of interns every summer and hosts mixers and intern-events during the internship, so if you’re interested in meeting new people both in and outside your field, it’s definitely a good place to be.

They also set up buses as a commute option, but they also offer corporate housing if commuting isn’t your thing. They also happen to pay. Well.

In other words, lots of good reasons to apply.

The preceding words are from Mads Krogh who did the Apple copy internship last summer. Their recruiters are reviewing portfolios now so send your link to Mark Edwards if you’re interested.


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