SUPER COOL NEW COURSE: Collaborative Project: The Agency

Interested in working within the context of an agency? Work on real projects? Create work for your portfolios?

Course DESCRIPTION: This course offers the opportunity to gain hands-on agency experience. Students will work in teams and function as an agency to create ads for real clients. Topics will include workflow, budgeting, account service, meeting clients’ needs, and pursuing new business. Agency capabilities will include digital, social media, broadcast, and print. Hours/ Week: 6 Cap: 18 Fee: None Prerequisites: Department Director approval

Course Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Create a business growth strategy as defined by the client
    • Delegate roles and responsibilities to each team member
    • Interpret a client’s brief and turn it into a creative brief and share that brief with the team who will be producing the work
    • Discuss brief with clients and make revisions if needed
    • Create concepts in a variety of advertising mediums to meet client business needs
    • Present strategy and the thinking behind the concepts to the client(s)
    • Interpret client feedback and share the conference report with the client and the team
    • Outline Responsibilities and next steps and timing for all team members
    • Present revisions and final work to client for approval to go into final production that answers the client’s business needs as outlined in the approved strategy

This course open to students that have DIRECTOR APPROVAL ONLY.

All interested students, who have 3.0 units to spare as either (BFA) Major by advisement or Art Electives or (MFA): POST MIDPOINT, DIrected Study units.  Email with a link to your portfolio of work or a pdf.  You will be notified as soon as humanly possible if you are or are not approved to enroll. 





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