Chance to collaborate on a film project

A feature film production class from the School of Motion Picture & Television is in the process of producing a film by Executive Producer, Roger Corman. This film will need creative students from all areas of study. For those who are interested, the class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-10pm at 466 Townsend on the second floor.
If you would like to know more about the film that will be shot this summer, please contact Megan McCarthy.

Contact info:
Megan McCarthy
Student Representative MFA MPT Student Member of the SOC

New, New (Friend Request)

It’s a fresh new year (academically). We have fresh new (to us) digs. New fresh faces. And (hopefully) fresh new talent.

While the elevator at 410 Bush may have an old soul (I swear there is a ghost that keeps those doors from closing properly the first time), now is the perfect time to make new friends. As our esteemed Copywriting Director, Mark Edwards, put it this morning – 410 Bush puts our talents within walking distance to some major advertising agencies: Goodby, Venables, Ogilvy One, 215Mccan, and so many others.

What does this mean for us? Even more of an excuse to pull a “Don Draper” and hit up some bars. I mean “network with potential employers.”

No one will probably take this advice, but smart ladder climbers should cruise the “About Us” sections of their favorite SF agencies. You never know, that dude who just rudely cut in front of you at the coffee shop might just be Jeff Goodby or Rich Silverstein. Instead of slipping him the finger, slip him your book.

Suggested (Only minorly awkward) Opening Lines:


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